2 handers on the beach...disadvantages?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Nick Clayton, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. Titlow actually has as good or better parking than Docs. There's several hundred yards of pull in parking along the road.

    Titlow also has the benefit of The Beach Tavern being just 50 yards or so from the water. Great burgers and good selection of beer.

    Having said all that I'd say that on average your ones chances of hooking up are slightly better at Docs. However Titlow can be "on" and a heck of a lot of fun.
  2. The only time I was at Titlow was early and when we were leaving the parking was filling up. no one had to park along the road so I rerally didn't notice that you could. Sorry I didn't see the tavern or we would have stopped. Thanks for the info, got to get back there. I see now that Mumbles mentioned Lions is in Bremerton so I'll find it. Bob
  3. Sooooo
    December 4th @ what beach? Lions Field Park in Bremerton?? Somewhere else?
  4. So far that's the place and date and the time is about 10:00 am. looking forward to learning things and meeting some of you. Bob
  5. Guys,

    Looks like we are on for 10:00 AM Friday, Dec. 4 at Lions Park in Bremerton, for our first Beach Clave.

    Everyone still on?

  6. As of now I'm vertical, moderately pain free and planning on not only being there but bringing a few of my toys. I look forward to the 4th.
  7. Ed,

    Do you want to post directions and/or start a new thread or anything?
    What do you mean vertical? Were you on your back?

  8. Leland, I'll post a Dec 4th thread in a few minutes. Yep, was on my back after an injury. Better living through rest and chemistry. What are you bringing to the beach party? Ed
  9. I'll bring two Helios switches, a 7 and 8wt with beach lines. If I can find some donuts and stuff, I'll grab them.


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