2-Man Pontoon Boats

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Scott, Feb 8, 2004.

  1. I know this is probably a run down subject, but I wanted some input.

    After long debate, I have decided to go with a 2man pontoon boat as I live in an apartment, and really do not want to incure the cost of the storage fees that would go along with a drift boat...

    I have an Outcast Pac 800 right now, and I love it. The reason for the two man is that I would like to take my other half out with me. She really like to fish, but taking a pontoon down a river really kind of scares her.

    We would most likely be using it on the Sky, Snoqualamie, yakima, Sauk, and if safe, the Skagit.

    Here is where my questions come in. I would really like a boat that has a seat that swivels in both the front and back. As well as a standing platform in the back. I am not sure if the Outcast version offers this, or if there is another quality boat out there that does. Are there any company's locally that would do a modification to the frame?

    Any ideas, suggestions?

    As always... Thanks!

  2. I have a place that maybe you can try out or go looking at.Have you ever been to Everett down by the Navy Base. Down on Marine View drive there is a boat shop that has a few bigger pontoon boats sitting out front of it. I have never stopped in there it's just that I know that it's there. Or you can get one of the cheaper Creek Co pontoon boats but the seats don't swivel. But it is a little cheaped $999.99 The pontoons are 12' long and the boat is 5'6" wide. If I was taking the other half I would probably get something a little better that the Creek Co pontoon. I got that info out of Cabala's Catalog on that Creek Co. pontoon.

  3. Stationary seats can become swivels ones by bolting on a $5 seat swivel plate available at any marine supply store or at GI Joes.
  4. I have a two man pontoon from Xstream gear in tukwila.
    I believe they are the same as the ones pictures on the sponsers site http://www.greatwhitehunters.com/
    The frame is in two sections for use as a single or as a double. There is a standing plateform infront and behind the rowing seat. Another similer boat is the steelheaderII
    from skokum products (www.steelheader.com)

  5. Check out Xstream as mentioned. I have seen their two man boat on Cady, but never used one. It seemed to be a stable, manuverable craft.
  6. Thanks everyone for the excellent ideas. Hopefully, when I make up my mind, I can persuade someone from the board to take turns on the oars


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