2 Million Chum Fry, Sea Slugs, pretty fish (and frozen ones!)... A report of sorts

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by formerguide, Apr 8, 2013.

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    Have been out a few times here and there the past few weeks. Caught a few SRC's, mostly small, but a few larger fish here and there to keep me casting long after I should have packed it in (the whole "last cast" syndrome...) Lost a big fish today, big enough I felt that "uumph" in the pit of my stomach when it came unbuttoned. We all know that feeling all too well, when all the adreneline built up in anticipation of landing something special, well, it rushes out of you as quickly as the parting of your tippet (or in my case, the hook pulled free.) Ouch, but perhaps better to have hooked and lost, than never to have hooked at all, LOL...

    Anyway, lots of Chum fry finning and noodling along the shoreline today. Saw herons working the beach from the road, figured I would see cutts slashing everywhere, but nothing doing. Still, caught quite a few pretty fish, snapped one quick pic of a particulalry handsome fish, bright red slashes confirming its namesake.

    Saw lots of starfish the past few trips. Still can't get over how cool they are, sometimes seemingly snuggled together like kids under a blanket. Saw what I believe is a sea slug, which, if 10' long would look like the larva of Godzilla.

    One nice afternoon (you know, the ONE afternoon a few weeks ago that was sunny and bright) took the kids to a hatchery. Saw, quite literally, 2 million Chum fry. Pretty special for my kids, our son was having a good day and was able to get out and enjoy himself, for which we were immeasurably grateful. The nice man at the hatchery pulled out some frozen salmon for the kids to see, a nice gestrue for certain.

    Anyway, that's what I have. Watched an osprey hovering over the water before diving, awfully impressive. Still can't get over how cool it is to see Bald Eagles flying around everywhere. Brought some sand dollars home for the kids, pretty area for certain.








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    That is a big ass slug there, nice fish. Great report as always.
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    Great story and great pictures, thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks again, Dan. You aren't thinkin' of maybe settling in Seattle after your son's treatment is done, are ya'? We'd be pleased to have you stick around.

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    NIce report, and I loved the photos....
  6. Upton O Blind hog fisherman

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    Excellent report, well done, Dad.
  7. formerguide Active Member

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    That's our plan, though everything is somewhat in flux, we have had to be adaptable and flexible in our lives this past year...

    We still have a house in AZ, so a lot is still up in the air. Better fishing here for certain, I do know that! But it is all dependent upon our son, of course...

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    Let us know how he is doing Dan!