2 piece vs. 4 piece rods

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  1. Well, I still like my 2 piece rods. I have one 4 piece rod, a Sage LL that I bought before some of your were walking around. It is ok, but I prefer my 2 piece rods. Since they are my rods, I guess that is ok with the world.
  2. Orvis makes the Access 5wt. and 6wt. in two-piece.
  3. I have a non crappy GL3 two piece. The reason I now have 4 piece rods is that they are easier to hide in my truck.
  4. I have no doubt the remaining 2 piece rods cast as well as they ever did. I believe the question was if a 4 piece rod casts as well as a 2 piece and my experience convinced me that yes they do.
  5. Sounds like some here think of 2-piece rods as a sort of gold standard, with 4-piece rods falling a bit short. Following that logic, seems to me you should really be holding out for a 1-piece rod instead.

    (Before you laugh and dismiss this as a rhetorical statement, over the years bamboo rods have occasionally been built in a 1-piece configuration. Yes, they require a long tube, but they're usually 6 or 7 feet long instead of the 9 foot rods we all take for granted as being 'normal' today. I've not cast a 1-piece cane rod personally, but know folks that have and who swear they're the best casting rod they've ever held.)

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  6. I have a 1 piece bamboo by kent he made some 7" great 3wt. I also think that the spigots on the Winston is as close as your going to get to one piece without having one. No tick, all love when presenting a fly.
  7. Like others here, I have 2, 3, 4 and a travel rod (9ft, 5wt) that is either 5 or 7 pc. i like casting the 2 pc rods but i can't really say they cast better. They just feel like they have more action. I also like the feel of the 3 pc rods I have. Maybe it has something to do with no ferrule in the middle of the rod. However, i find myself accumulating more and more 4 pc rods due to the ease of transport.

    Dr Bob
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  8. I had a Sage guy ask me about 20 years ago why I was hung up on two piece rods. He said there was no difference in performance between two piece and multi-piece rods. Nowadays I have more multi-piece rods than two piece ones. For storage and packability my preference is multi-piece but in general I prefer two piece because "that's the way it's always been".
  9. I seem to prefer my two piece Xp's. Its unscientific but I feel like there is a subtle difference to my 4 pc. Sages,...plus used 2 piece rods are cheaper.
  10. A 7" 3wt. Must be a really little rod. Do you use a sewing bobbin as a reel.
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  11. Tom Morgan: rodsmiths.com
  12. 4 piece all the way. There is no reason for anyone to ever buy a two piece rod in the 21st Century. 2 piece rods are not better.
  13. I disagree. What if someone WANTS a 2 piece rod.

    I think the customer should have a choice. If you want to use a 4 piece rod, do so by all means. But don't tell me what I should do.
    But then again, the customer can vote with his wallet.
  14. I really like the idea of a 2-piece rod I can leave strung up with line and a reel in a case. Then when fishing time comes I just take it out of the case and put the rod together. Unfortunately my trunk doesn't fit a 55" tube so it would sit in my back seat. 3 and 4 piece rods live in my trunk most of the year.
  15. When I was a kid bamboo rods came in two piece. Only way to get a 3 piece was break your rod. Why would someone want to relive what was a black period in their childhood and procure a multi-piece rod. Three, four or five sections might stir up "dust bunnies" of a person's past.

    Two is the right way, two is the manly way.
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  16. Noble sentiment, but the reality is that if the manufacturer decides there isn't a big enough market for 2-piece rods to make it worth his time and money to keep making them, then you don't get a choice, no matter how much you think you deserve one.

  17. This is why all the older fly fishers have two piece rods. My 8wt and my 3wt and my 5wt are two piece rods and I do fish them. I also have a 4wt that is 2 piece.
  18. That is when I vote with my wallet. I would bet a great steak dinner that I could find a very competent rod builder that would build me a very nice 2 piece rod for the price of some these commercial four piece rods.

    As far as fit and trunk space, if it don't fit, well use a 4 piece if that suits your need. It ain't rocket science you know. Most cars that I have seen in the US will allow a 2 piece rod to fit and most have directional signals that a lot of folks are not aware of. It is a matter of preference.
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  19. Absolutely! The only problem with your strategy to have someone wrap a 2-piece custom rod for you is the likelihood that over time, finding a 2-piece blank will become increasingly just as difficult as finding a 2-piece factory rod.

  20. Grew up with 2pc and love two piece rods. But all in all, if the blank is built right. They cast about the same.

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