2 piece vs. 4 piece rods

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  1. This is the statement that I was making reference to in an earlier post. There is a valid reason for a person to purchase a 2 piece rod.
    They like them. There is also a valid reason for someone to purchase a three or four piece rod. They like them.

    Apparently the commercial rod manufacturing companies have found that their market is in 4 piece rods. So be it. But that does not mean that I have to buy them. I am fortunate enough to own enough 2 piece rods to last my lifetime. That said, should I find I need another, I will need to decide if I want to purchase a rod with more than 2 sections or not. I would probably look elsewhere. Others probably would not.

    I stand by my original statement that the customer should have the choice
  2. Two piece rods existed only because of metal ferrules. There's no need to restrict a rod because of ferrule "inflexibility" any longer.
  3. Well, I guess for most they just have to choose between a 4 piece or a 4 piece. You only get to choose from what is being offered.
  4. Six piece rods.... 4 piece rods are for old geezers.
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  5. Less joints = Less chances for something to go wrong
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  6. Some airport securities prefer more joints ;). My brother in law just took his two piece to Thailand and TaiPei security held him for 2.5 hrs. Those long hollow aluminum tubes are not welcomed!!!
  7. We all know airport folks are a special breed.

    The benefit of traveling with four-piece rods is the ability to stuff them into the bottom of a duffel bag.
    The benefit of traveling with two-piece rods is less setup time at the destination.
  8. And what is wrong with old geezers. If it wasn't for the old geezers
    we probably wouldn't have young geezers.
  9. I like my two piece rods better for fishing.
    I like my three and four piece rods better for travel.
    As for casting, I don't notice any difference unless one of the joints gets loose on the four piece rods, and this does happen more than I'd like to admit.
    Loose joints sink ships????
  10. Have you tried ferrule wax? I was getting a lot of slippage on my 6 piece until I bought some (Loon Graffitolin), and since then I have had no issues. It's not very expensive and I expect one tub would last several years.
  11. Use the oil on your nose. It works wonders for ferrules.
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  12. I use paraffin wax (candle wax) on ferrules as it is does not seem to collect much dirt/dust.
  13. Though I have never used one, I see that St. Croix is making two piece rods for sale, as well as 4 piece. Can't attest to their quality in fly rods. I believe that they make some pretty good gear rods.

    I would guess that I will have to admit that the big names in fly rods are pretty much devoted to 4 piece rods.

    I guess I can understand that, given where the market is and demand for their products. That does not change my opinion on them. But then I don't figure that I will be purchasing any new rods anytime soon. I have enough 2 piece rods to last my lifetime and then some.
    Besides I doubt that Sage really gives a big rat's behind what I like.
  14. For all-out, balls-to-the-wall performance and fish-fighting ability, I'll take a 1-piece,

    For ease of travel and packing, I fish all 4-piece.
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  15. I have had two St Croix. A 4wt Imperial, Which was so slow I could make a sambich before it would load. And an 8wt, built on a Avid blank which was a little faster. I traded the 4wt for something. Not to sure on anything anymore.
  16. I saw the St. Croix rods while browsing Cabela's catalog. Somebode else was makeing a 2 piece rod in there also, but I forget who. Heck, I forgot what I had for breakfast. Did I have beakfast?
  17. Back in the early seventies my grandfather showed me the trick of nose grease for ferrules.Thanks OLD MAN for reminding me of more than just a simple trick.
  18. There were some rods that went the opposite direction as far as pieces.
    At the end of their production cycle, Loomis quit making the GL3 and GLX classic in a 4 pc. If you broke your 4 pc, you either got a 2 pc replacement or you opted to upgrade to another model that was available as a 4 pc.
    I have both 2 and 4 pc sticks. Nothing wrong with either but I prefer the 4 pc rods.
    I have one 3 pc. I'll never buy another 3 pc again.
  19. I don't have a dog in this fight since I own both 2 and 4 piece rods. Having witnessed 3 aircraft crashes and been in a 4th I'll never fly again so having a rod that is convenient for travel is not an issue. My full sized truck can manage any 2 piece rod made. But we always seem to get into these pissing contest over things like 2 pc vs 4pc, regular cab vs extended cab, click pawl vs disc drag, WF vs DT, etc. Then there is the conflict between want, need and have. I trend pretty strongly toward the 'have' instead of going out and changing my gear every time a new trend comes along that tells me I 'need' the latest and greatest. The 'want' gene is an urge the gear whores can't control but the rest of us manage to blend in nicely with our everyday lives.

    There is an old saying from back in my drag racing days in the '50's that has shaped a lot of my philosophy about stuff in general. It is: "Run What You Brung". I probably have an extra $100K in my account today as a result of adhering to the 'run what you brung' principle. A corollary to this anxiom might be: "Dance With the Girl That Brung 'Ya". This too has far more applications than just the obvious.

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