2 Weeks in paradise

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by mikewilson89, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. Hey all, new on the board here. Really enjoy all the info and.conversation.

    My name is Mike and I get out to the seattle area once a year to visit my dad and fish before I go back to college(iowa). I caught the Steelhead bug last year after finally bringing a fly rod out and fell in love(even though no fish were caught). I will be out there for 2 weeks in August and I have started doing heavy research on the areas to fish as well as clinics to attend/ possible guides, but I was looking for any tips to get me going. I fished the N. Fork of the Stilly last year by Oso and that is my only reference. I'm not looking for personal hotspots and hard earned info, but my dad works a ton and I imagine I'll be out adventuring during the days. Best part of the experience is getting out and finding new places.

  2. You could do a lot worse than going back and fishing where you did last year. Fish fine and far off.

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  3. I went up to the n fork last weekend..... I have spent thousands of hours up there in years past and I can truley say I love that river. I love everything about it and I call it my home water. This year though I was debating even going there. Like I said last weekend was my first time this year. It is depressing up there right now. The slide is worse than I could have even imagined. I believe they should have just closed the entire river this year.
  4. Why? As someone stated in another thread, "to protect the hatchery fish?" Our salminoids have been dealing with "natural disasters" for quite some time and they pretty damn good at it
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  5. Coming from someone who only knew the river for a year, I had no idea the extent of the damage to the river. I was more concerned out of respect for the people and the community, showing up and trying to fish and having anglers be angry I was even fishing there. I have gotten a couple replies from nice people on this board. Great community.


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