2 wt on the upper Yakima??

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  1. I'm planning to extend my trout fishing thru the fall and into the winter. I have a 5wt 9 ' 6" and a 2wt 7' 6". Im new to nymphing aka I haven't tried it yet. I have been content just throwing dry flies on the South Fork of the Snoqualmie. I want to branch out and get into the Upper Yak near Lake Keechelus. I have noticed the water in a bit skinny around that area. I'm wondering if I can get away with the 2wt ?? I dont want to snap my rod. The 9'6" just seems to long (aka snag city). Any advice on this would be awesome. Thanks Jason
  2. 2 weight it baby!!! Go for it and don't look back. If your afraid of snapping your rod you will miss many opportunities....and chances of snapping are under 1 % for these waters ;)
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  3. I have fished 2wts (Sage XP's) in Leech Lake for years. There are nice triploids in there, up to 18" or so. I have had no breakage problems.

    Remember, the fish only have so far to go, the reel has a lot of line on it in relation to where the fish can travel, and you have some control.

    Don't panic, don't high stick and don't be afraid to move a bit (safely) to improve your leverage. The power in these small rods is down quite low, down near the grip. A 45 deg angle, no more than 60, is fine. Basically, you fight them from the reel.

    I never use ultra light tippet, 5X super floro is the minimum. It is stealthy enough. In a stream with dries, 4x works fine and you are able to control the fish just fine.

    The result is a hoot, the little ones feel big and the big ones feel - wow!

    Go try it.
  4. 2wt all the way! I completely agree with Jerry's comments. Lighter rods will test and hone
    your skills as long as you pay attention to what you are doing. If possible, move with you
    fish and not just "hold your ground". Your tippet will break before your rod! I would like to
    add, the only downfall is to over-play your fish. Try to land them as quickly as possibe to
    reduce stress. You will have a blast on light line!!! Go get em! Update us too!

  5. In the stretch just below the lake I have fished my 6 1/2' 2-weight, and recommend a small rod up there. Once it opens up a bit I like to go 5-weight so I can lob a big nymph/indicator setup a long ways. Go with the 2 on the small water... bring your bigger rod in case you want it. My rule is: if I bring it, I won't use it; if I don't bring it, I'll wish I had it.
  6. Alright, I'll give it a shot. Now I just have to figure out the whole nymphing set up out. There a lot of different options?!?:confused:
  7. I feel like that's an interesting stretch to fish in the winter. I've generally found that in cold water, the fish I find are generally larger and that the smaller (8-12") fish tend to hunker down. Although Keechelus to Easton tends to have smaller fish (which would generally be less active in the cold), I think that stretch might remain sort of warmer since Keechelus is a bottom-fed dam, unlike the dam at Easton. Regardless, I don't think you'd be too undergunned with a 2-weight, as long as you aren't afraid to put a little bend in it. I prefer streamers to nymphing in the winter, but I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to dial in nymph.
  8. I've fished a 2wt up at Easton before and it was a blast. Caught a few fish and never felt worried about the rod breaking.

    I haven't fished it this time of the year tho so not sure if the same nymphs work
  9. Yeah i have no idea where to head for the winter fishing. I thought i would give that area a try. I know the MF is open all year round but I dont know if its worth the effort.
  10. If you're not of the steelhead bent, and RF is too far, one word: stillwater!
  11. Are the sno forks really that unproductive in the winter? Was considering heading up there a few weekends this year to try and learn the fishery in the winter....maybe I'm wasting gas?
  12. You can catch fish if you try really hard, don't mind being cold, and nymph. But, just me, I don't fish the South Fork any more above 250, and only fish it thru September.
  13. Do you fish for trout in the winter?
  14. Yep. Stillwaters mainly, it's been some years but some secret moving water too.

    I've fished the Yakima a fair bit in the winter. It's tougher, but I've gotten fish to move on streamers and nymphs.

    I reserve the small rod for dry fly fishing, and break out a 9' 5-weight for nymphs and a 9 1/2' 6-weight for streamers on sink tips.
  15. I havent got a chance to try the 2wt yet been down with a cold for two weeks LAME! I hope to post a report next weekend.
  16. Hey, where's your report on Montana. It's been a month now.
  17. Just curious about the still water fishing. Are you fishing the west side of the cascades.?
  18. I fish Pass Lake on the west side after 10/31. You can go with me some time if you like, I fish somewhere almost every weekend. Shoot me a pm.

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