Upper yakima or not?

Well i was planning on leaving woodinville after school on tuesday to go fishing in the evening with one of my friends. I have never been on the yakima but have heard many things about it. What flys should i bring and does anyone know any good spots?? Thanks!
One of my favorite spots on the very upper Yakima is at a campground like 3 miles below the dam. Its very different from lower down, more creek like, but still a lot of un. ALso, south Cle Elum bridge is a fun spot to fish when the waters low. Its kind of hard to bank fish in the summer. For the very upper river, I would use stimulators and pheasant tail nyphs- attractors, basically. Around Cle ELum, unless a hatch is going, I would use a big black stonefly nymph fished on the bottom.