2005 Salmon season -Blast! or bust?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Luke Filmer, Oct 18, 2005.

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    Although I hooked my fair share of pinks & coho this year, I came up short on kings.
    Reports of good king fishing off the Queen Charlotte as well as Bristol Bay areas, and a great season in general for Alaska.
    Seems like the fish parked way out from the Washington coast due to warm water?
    Still no sign of anything in good numbers on the peninsula rivers as well.
    There are silvers in the rivers, but not in the numbers there should be, and they really need to be aggrivated into biting.
    I floated the Queets on the 9th, and came up empty. -No water.
    I floated the Sol Duc last Sunday and did hook several quality coho but they had to be fished hard in the fast water. Broke off 3 in the 15 lb class, and boated 2 in the 12 lb class. -Again VERY low water.
    Has anyone had a good king season this year in the local salt?:hmmm:
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    Seen a smattering-lost da killa on da beach. I've watched the master on the point (slinging big vibrax propellors) pitching it casually to the deeper water lee of the rips-right where Les J said they be!. After fourty plus years on the same beach the mans call is a s-l-o-w year- everythings off.

    Although I haven't specifically targeted his royal highness da king, when they are present with the coho if I were, would I: Launch fast sinking shooting heads attached to larger attractor patterns such as hefty decievers? Pitch those #2 and #4 chart/wht pink/wht blu/ yel clousers down deep. or.... Forget it, coho and kings are all ripping the same bait ball-chuck and chance it piscator! Any words of experience? Oh yeah I'm beach bound bitch!
    1 I

    Giller killers still hauling a few locally many chum less many coho (mofoho!).
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    No kings this year, fish for them a couple times and they just were not very willing to bite. Always next year though...