2006-07 Beginner/Intermediate Anti-Shack Nasty Marathon Fly Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Ron Eagle Elk, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. Dropped mine off at the PO this morning. You should see them tomorrow.
  2. Will be dropped in the post this afternoon... Should be there in a day or so...
  3. Okay, Guys. I'm leaving on the 3d for a few days fishing on the other side of the mountains. Will be back on Sunday. If all the flies aren't in before I leave, they will have to wait until my return. Sorry.

  4. I hope the flu is gone before you go get wet.

    Remember TP and stay away from the hot case!

    And of course, enjoy yourself.

  5. Ned,

    Your flies arrived today. Look great. Where did you find the pattern?

  6. ron eagle elk do you work at all about the fly
  7. never mind
  8. I made it up. It is a cross between an Al Campbell pattern for a caddis pupa and a pheasant tail challenged picture. My logic is that there is very little time between a caddis pupa and a caddis emerger. So they probably look similar. Then I figure that a pheasant tail is likely a caddis pupa mimic. Put it all together and get a challenged caddis emerger. Size was just consistant with a local caddis dry.

    I hope it catches fish.

  9. Ned, seeing as how you sent one for me, I'll try it this weekend. Al would be proud. He always encouraged people to experiment and change things around. Well done.

  10. All the flies aren't in as yet and I'm leaving in two hours for a fishing trip. This one will have to wait till I get back.

  11. The flies are in the mail. Still nothing from Mark Ritari or James Mello so those who had their flies in, you got a mess o'flies on the way to you.

    The pictures of the four flies are up in the gallery. you guys killed on your last flies. Nicely done. I know, the bonus fly, it's in your box, but is a copyrighted pattern and I don't have permission to post a photo yet, but you got one of your very own.

    Ned, your box isn't big enough so watch out when you open it. There's loose flies in there.

    Ya'll have a great summer and go fishing!!!!!!

  12. hey ya all thanx for a great swap!!!!!!!! got alot of awesome flies. looking forward to tying with all of you again!!! thanx again Shad Clark Roadhog:thumb:
  13. Hey Road, I told ya there were a mess o flies headed your way. Glad to have you in the swap.

  14. Got mine on tues, but got busy with house buying.

    Great emergers and a whole mess of great flies. My condolences to those of you that dropped. I am in for next year if you are swappin Ron.

    Ron, this was a great swap!!! Thank you for all of your efforts. I learned so much about tying.

  15. Ned, ya done good, buddy. Your tying has improved by leaps and bounds since that first swap way back when. Congrats on the house buying. Makes so much sense, especially if it's close to moving water.

  16. Buddy! Does that mean you are going to show me how to catch a 20 on a 20???

  17. Hmmmmm, could be.

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