2006-07 Beginner/Intermediate Anti-Shack Nasty Marathon Fly Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Ron Eagle Elk, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. Roadhog,

    Uh, Pink? Is there anything you want to share with us? Just kidding.

    Road and Ned, have you guys contacted Denny for your chicken fur yet? He was telling me he was waiting for you guys.

  2. I got ahold of him about two weeks ago, now I am just checking the mailbox everyday:) Waiting to decide on my dries for next month based on what comes. Can't wait!

  3. REE with regard to the pink, you will see where i'm coming from soon. pink dub, pink wire, pink buck tail. got my hackle from denny a while ago, but if he is still waiting for me, i can go and get more. :rofl: these things are awesome.
  4. Road and Ned, cool, glad to hear you got ahold of him. (No, Road, you can't go back for more unless it's on your dime.)

    Got an e-mail from Davpot. He got snowed under by taxes and his flies for this month fell through the cracks. Wants to roll them over till next month. Fine by me, he's usually way early with his flies.

    James Mello and Mark Ritari have their flies in the mail system. Knowing USPS they could be in Florida, taking in some sun before heading to Yelm.

    Have not had a response to my PM from Gmbjr. Last e-mail said he was still in the swap and his November flies and streamers would be in this month. We'll see.

    Pictures of all the flies will be up as soon as Mark's and James' flies arrive. Good looking streamers, guys.

  5. My feathers came in the mail today. Awesome! I am going to have to get hooks small enough and a new vise to do some of these things justice! I love that fact that (unlike other necks I have seen) they include some of the lateral feathers that should make great soft hackles. Can't wait to tie with them.

    Thanks again Ron,
  6. Ned, Wait till you wrap one on a hook. That's when they really shine. You do get your money's worth with Denny's feathers.

  7. REE, have you received my flies yet?
  8. Mark and Mulligan, yup, got your flies. James Mello's flies are in the postal system somewhere. Probably be here Monday. He did offer to bring them by on Friday, but I was gonna be gone.

    I have dropped Gmbjr from the swap. Even though he e-mailed me that he wanted to stay in the swap, no flies have arrived and no response to my last PM.

    Looks like there will be a few extras for the guys who stick it out. Flies will be mailed and pics posted as soon as James' flies arrive.

    Great looking streamers.

  9. The flies are on their way to you through the USPS. Great looking flies, Guys. If you want a sneak peak, the pics are in the gallery.

  10. not much better then a mail box full of presents for me!!! box of awesome flies and a birthday present for me!!! woo whoo!!! these things look great guys thanx for another great month. Parachute black ant on the way soon! One of my most succesfull dries for both smallies and trout!! :thumb:
  11. Roadhog,

    Hush, Man!! That black ant is a super secret fly. I got half a box of them in various sizes. They have saved the day more then once.

  12. REE been my go to fly many times!!! it seems that it works when nothing else will. :thumb:
  13. Hey Guys,

    You got PM's. No, not PMS, PM's. Also a reminder that we are now down to 9 tiers.

  14. Ron,

    Mine are almost done, should be out on Monday.

  15. Mine are done. I think mine turned out pretty good. I will drop them in the mail today.

  16. Cool. Gotta admit, I was starting to sweat it a bit.

  17. mine will be in the mail tomorrow (monday)
  18. Yahoo! I love dry flies. Looking forward to seeing them.

  19. ron mine will be in the mail today (tuesday). sorry for being slow this month!!

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