2009 Silver action slow

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Peter Pancho, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. Peter Pancho Active Member

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    Is it just me or was the silver action really slow this year for fly fisherman:hmmm:
  2. rockfish Member

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    it sucked
  3. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    I had two good days. One yeilded a great barbecue the other was catch and release with big grins. Peter, how is the new boat?
  4. floatinghat Member

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    For me the past two seasons on the west side of the sound have been very slow. It's almost like the rezzies have been around early in the season and then poof they are gone. With the boat I hope it will be different.
  5. yellowlab Active Member

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    What?!??! It was fantastic! Some of the best Coho fishing I've seen in years! Don't know where you guys are fishing, but I've been nailing them and they are thick right now. I'd be all over the Skoochumilliguahmish RIGHT NOW. They are practically hooking themselves.
  6. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Every day Yellowlab rubs it into our face, every single day. I'm still glad you are getting out and getting as many days on the water as possible. One never knows when fishing time might get a bit more difficult to find. Your TR, photos and blog have been very energizing for me this season. Keep it coming.
  7. Sir Edrick New Member

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    I had good fishing for two days in a row from my boat in mid September when the fish arrived,.... and on the third day five brand new "native" boats arrived with nets and wiped out all of the fish that were waiting for the local creek to rise. I have only seen one coho jump since then and have not had a bite since then.
  8. Go Fish Language, its a virus

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    I've got to agree with Yellowlab.... it was a good
    year for me, much, much better than last year. It
    would have been great if they didn't keep coming
    unbuttoned but I had more than my share of
    chances. I still think of that 10 lb blacky I lost at
    the shore.

  9. Peter Pancho Active Member

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    Paul you don't count dude, you are just a fishing machine:thumb:
  10. wolverine Member

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    For me it was another very good year for silvers. Granted I often would drive 1 to 4 hours to locations that had biting fish in numbers. For those who only fish the 206 & 253 area codes I can understand the tough fishing and catching. The old saying "fish where there's fish" really holds true. I much prefer catching to hopeful casting so a couple of hours driving time is well worth it.
  11. johnnyrockfish Member

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    Absolutely great stuff and inspiring for those days to come when my kids are old enough to either join me or fight on their own.

  12. Jonathan Walkenberg Member

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    i found it to be very poor for migrating ocean fish in the salt.