2009 Summer Steelhead

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Thomas Mitchell, May 7, 2009.

  1. It's getting to be that time so I'd like to host a summer steelhead fly swap.

    Fair warning, when it comes to this kind of stuff, I'm an obsessive-compulsive-jackass so if you can't play by my rules, please don't sign up...

    What I'm thinking:

    1) 10 or 12 tiers

    2) Low-water summer steelhead patterns, anything you like but I think personal interpretations of traditional patterns, including skaters & wakers are uber-cool.

    3) Beginning tiers welcome, just try something interesting and let the repetition of tying it many times hone your technique. I'm a newish tier myself and find that like any other artistic pursuit, repetition and increasing technical prowess breed inspiration

    Now for the O-C-jackass part:

    4) Mail your flies by Friday, June 5, that gives you 4 full weeks to tie 12 flies max. If you don't get them in the mail by June 5th, keep them because...

    5) I will photograph and mail the flies by Friday, June 12th. If someone doesn't make the cut-off date, I will send the extras back to the person that tied them with the other flies. If I get your flies after I mail the others, you're SOL but I'll send your flies back to you.


    1 - Thomas M, GraveDigger Spider
    2 - Jake B, skunk/spey variation or a "mini moal"
    3 - Ben W, Mahoney spey variation
    4 - Joe H, Clearwater spey or awesome waker
    5 - Richard T
    6 - Tyinbugs
    7 - Jeremy F, Assasin
    8 - Arthur V, Freight Train variation
    9 - JCalderon, grey/blue spey
    10 - Dinker, red butt purple peril
    11 - Eric T
    12 - D3Smartie
  2. I am definitly down for this swap! Ive been waiting for the annual summer steelhead swap to show up for weeks. I will definitly do some type of spey/low water wet fly.
  3. If I could ever catch a Steelhead I'd get in on this but I guess I just SUCK at steelheading! Hope you all catch some though.
  4. LOL...

    I can say with a high degree of confidence that my chances of drawing a season-wide summer steel skunk are very high.

    However... it won't be for lack of trying!

  5. I'm in! fly TBD- But I'll let you know soon!
  6. I want in. I am torn between my lucky Clearwater spey or a awesome waker.
  7. Count me in o-c Tom: :thumb:

    I can't wait to see what you guys/gals will tie up.

  8. I'M IN!!!!
  9. I am in with an Assassin Pattern.
  10. im in on this one. not sure what ill tie yet
  11. AWWW HELL I guess Im in too. Do we have to tie 12 of the exact same fly? or can I do a few in different colors ect?

    And can we throw a nymph or two in there? Just askin !
  12. OK, I'm gonna jump in on this one too!! I am new to the steelhead thing, and hope to connect to my first summer run this year, so hopefully all of your awesome flies will help! I think will tie some variation of the classic skunk...we'll see, I'm not totally sure yet.
  13. Normally, I think it's 12 of the same fly but I think color variation within the same basic pattern would be cool. One benefit of the swap is to improve your tying of the pattern through the repition.

    No nymphs in this one please. Low-water wets and surface bugs are on the menu.


  14. Ok, Sighn me up for some sort of hackle wing spey please!
  15. any color requests?

    I think Ill go with orange / grey. Is that low water enough? Or should i do some Blue steelie dubbing stuff
  16. I'm gonna tie up a variation of Dec Hogan's Mahoney spey-style. I'm thinking in orange/brown
  17. I'll play if there is still room...
  18. Both sound great to me. I'm the about as far from an expert as you can get but when I think 'low-water' I'm mainly thinking sparse pattern and light hooks in smaller sizes for post runoff fishing.
  19. You and Eric are in and we're closed!

    I'm going to use this as an excuse to build a shadowbox for taking the pics.

    I'll PM everyone my address this weekend.

    Thanks all, I'll do my best to make sure this is a good one!


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