2010 Big Brown Contest

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Sean Beauchamp, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. 2010 Big Brown Contest Updated 2/7

    Thought it'd be fun to start a friendly competition to see who can stretch the tape across the biggest washington stillwater brown of 2010.


    1) Mr Walter T. Brown must be safely released and the photo must depict its fair treatment. NO hand-in-gill/fish-on-stringer/slab-on-rocks shots accepted.

    2) Use a tape. I dont wanna have to call BS when you long arm a 16" brown and call it 22". In the event your photo to claimed size ratio is a bit sketchy, said photo will be reviewed by a panel to evaluate authenticity.

    3) No private lakes. No ponds. I almost feel seeps in general dont count. Since I bet money Kevin J Burnham has a pet brown in some secret seeps lake that he's been nurturing the past few years. :) Leave him alone Kevin. Try dry falls!

    4) Length is the only required measurement but in the event of a tie (ie two 26" browns) the photo will again go before the panel and a winner announced.

    5) Applicants must be a current member of WFF.com

    6) To submit an entry, email the photo and measurements to beausl@live.com and I will update this posting with the top 5.

    7) Contest starts today 1/12 and will run through 12/31

    The winner will be awarded prizes (to be announced) and bragging rights.


    1st Place goes to Scott Moran and his 25+" Lenice Brown!... here's the story:

    "Here is one for you.
    My tape on my stripping basket stops at 24" and this bad boy was
    bigger by about 2". Took all I had to hold him and was fishing alone
    so had to flag down a witness to this.
    Lake Lenice back in April. Size 20 brassie. Petted him nicely and
    watched him swim away in awe. Was extra special as I had been
    specificlly targeting browns there for three days and nights. This one
    I saw and stalked in the shallows but thought it was just another big
    I was wrong :)



    2nd Place goes to Triploidjunkie

    24.5" colored up brownie caught on the eastside in mid October.

    3rd Place goes to Mr Lucky

    Hey Sean,

    I wasn't paying much attention to the Big Brown contest (I never win contests) until I caught this Pass Lake Brown that almost ran me into my backing, twice. Laid against the tape in the seam of my net he came to just over 23". My cheesy little pocket scale told me the fish was around 3 lbs. (but I don't stand by that).

    Caught on a sunny April 11th, in the shallows on Pass Lake's popular main point (just look for all the float tubes) during a mayfly hatch, on a size 14 grizzly parachute adams with a dull orange CDC wing post. Seemed like it took me ten minutes to bring it in with my 5wt setup and 5x leader/tippet. I may have actually whooped.




    4th Place --- goes to stratocaster! here the story:

    Hey Sean,
    First off, THIS IS NOT MY FISH. I'm sending on behalf of Roy (stratocaster on WFF). Roy took the fish, I took the picture. Fish is a full "22, taken at Pass tonight. I watched Roy work his ass off for about 4 hours without so much as a strike, then in an instant, KABOOM. Saw the water explode about 30ft in front of him...you know the rest. Fish takes over and tows Roy out to sea. Roy gives chase, kicking like mad and running out of breath to keep up. Fish casually meanders along the bottom taking its own sweet time. After lots of following around, and even more patience, Roy scoops said fatty into a bearhug...his net is a bit small for this game (he'll be shopping for a bigger one this week). So congrats to Roy who, for now, wears yellow atop the Sean Beauchamp 2010 Big Brown Contest podium.

    Tim (Ford_Fenders)


    5th Place goes to jesse calderon

    thick 20" streamer eatin pass brown.


    6th Place held down by Ceviche's 20" pass brown
  2. Cool idea - I'm in it to win it.
  3. We're talking fish right? Because I just dropped a 30" with amazing girth.....
  4. 30"? i'll be the judge of that.
  5. Photo? Did you tape it?
    Rules are rules.
  6. Sadly I didn't have my waders on (with my tape measure), although I probably should have. I can load up on costco hotdogs and pizza for a weekend with hopes of replication though. Next time....
  7. What if I win this bad boy with my first ever brown? Now that would be an Olympic year achievement! I'm off to write the screen play. It could be a blockbuster.
  8. Damn Ibn beat me to the punch :rofl:
    I was going to say...
    I don't want to see anyones posts of thier toilet browns!
  9. Biggest just ain't my style. I'm setting the bar for ugliest...

  10. Is that a lip full of Cope or Skoal?
  11. Islander would have won with the whopper he pulled out of XXXXXXX lake last summer during the fling. I'm sure we'll head back this spring. Maybe we'll get a pic before he drops it in the lake...
  12. I think rany marsh wins this one......

  13. Yes, that was a nice fish. For some reason all my nice browns last year were camera shy. I had a couple when I didn't have a camera, the one in the spring and then another on the way home from Lost Lake. Just before I could snap the pic he flipped into the water. I'll try and get better "proof" this year.
  14. Mumbles, You spend more time writing than you do fishing and that's a lot. What do you need a script for? You should have yours by now. I've got to take your advise and go see Mike.I'll need to use that big stick I got to beat you. good luck Bob
  15. I"m breaking the 30 inch mark this year. Just gotta wait til june.
  16. man... i really need to step up my game
  17. you hooked him once! that place doesnt count tho!
  18. Haha I know, I forgot to read the details. That sucker is going down this year though, I got a feeling. Thinking dry falls or lenice for the big one. I know dry falls has plenty of browns that are in the 30 inch plus range but they are a tuff customer.
  19. dry falls definitely has the big one. i got some things figured out there. once the steelhead rivers close down, we'll start working on the browns.
  20. Hey Sean, any big browns in Martha?

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