2010 Big Brown Contest

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Sean Beauchamp, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. Why only Washington. How about Montana or Idaho.
  2. dry falls is my bet. sean lets do some night fishing there.
  3. updated, we have our first bown on the board!
  4. WooHoo . . . I have a shot at this. Lost a big 'un while ice fishing this winter . . . don't know exactly how big it was, but when I looked down the hole, all I could see was an eye . . . I'll be back with the proper rod . . .
  5. "1st Place --- is currently occupied by our first entry from CEVICHE. 20 inches of pass lake brown trout. a good start to the year."

    That fish is 20"? Surely you jest!
  6. Don't call Ceviche "Shirley" . . .and maybe it's a BIG net . . .
  7. I was thinking the saaaaaaaaaaaaame thing
  8. Or Northern California?
    Old Man; it's probably because Sean knows the winner would be from out-of-state.
  9. Click the photo and you'll be able to view it larger. The measuring net starts at zero at the middle bottom of the bag, and numbers increase going outwards to the ends. That means you have to add the numbers visible at either end of the fish to get the length. Yes, the trout is rather skinny, but the numbers are there. A pox upon you disbelievers!

    --Dave E.
    aka Ceviche
  10. Ceviche, did you catch that sickly fish or just net it when it floated by dead? I've seen supermodels fatter than that. Larry King said that thing looked dead...and skinny.
  11. Bunch of sore losers around here. Livestrong, Dave...wear it with pride.

  12. I'm with Ford Fenders. Dave is the leader in the clubhouse with a 20" fish. Rules did not say it had to be a football fat brown. Everyone can respect the leader or take his place.
  13. Thanks, Tim, for the jersey. I wear it with pride and the knowledge that the yellow the others see is only the envy in their eyes.

    Tight Lines, Folks!
    --Dave E.
  14. I just looked at that fish on the first post. It looks like a midget compared to the fish in Montana. I believe that my latest 18" fish was twice as big as that runt you are showing.:p:p:p:p:p:p:p
  15. I think this should be a "dryfly" challenge contest... but maybe I'll dredge Dry Falls or somewhere with a crawdad imitation or something!
  16. the rules state that a fish has to be pictured measured not pictured with the net buched up under the fish. if that fish is infact 20" you found the worst angle possible to photograph the fish
  17. The tricky part is minimizing the time a fish spends out of the water when practicing C&R. It was my haste that resulted in a lousy photo of a Pass Lake trout. Sorry gang.

    The year's just begun, so it doesn't bug me to strike my first submission. Catch that Sean? I think I'd rather risk losing while striving towards a clean win.

    At least I was able to collectively thumb my nose at everyone. :p:p:p:p:p:p:p

    Tight Lines, Everyone!!!
    --Dave E.
  18. Yer the man Ceviche! You know you can beat that anyway!
  19. Sounds good.

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