2010 Big Brown Contest

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Sean Beauchamp, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. Mumbles, updates are in the original post, page 1. And yes, that is a shameless "Look at my fish" plug!
  2. Fucking comedy...
  3. No shame in that "Look at my fish" plug. Nice! So that is what I'm looking for? I hope I can find a few.
  4. alpine he cracks me up as well. AKPM is kind of a big deal if you didn't know that already. i mean check out that blog of his and you'll understand him a lot better.
  5. Beauchamp, As the self proclaimed shittiest fisherman on this site, can I at least be the official judge / bouncer? I will grow a roadhouse mullet and wear only cut-off tees.
  6. i support this idea
  7. [​IMG][/IMG]

    Today, this is what they look like.
  8. I want to congratulate Stratocaster on his jumbo brown. It's good to see someone walkin' instead of just talkin'. Very nice fish!!!

    --Dave E.
  9. Tonight, Mother Nature is gonna piss her pantsuit...`just sayin.
  10. farmed a giant in the dark last night. ate the dirtiest of the dirty. i need to run 1/0. FML
  11. UPDATED, new leader, check out the first page for pics and story.
  12. and if you have a fish you want to submit, email them to [B][U]beausl@live.com[/U][/B] with a photo and a length measurement. shawn seeger still waiting for an email to get your fish in the running. how long was it???
  13. Thanks Sean!

    Don't expect I'll be in the lead for long - there are many more skillful fishers around here. It was just a thrill to bring in a personal best. That brown took my line out into the lake like it was going for a Sunday stroll. Great fun!

    By the way, he was safely released, of course. With my handy measuring tape sewn into the seam of the net, I didn't have to touch him at all (I obtained his weight by weighing him in the net, then subtracting the weight of the wet net directly afterwards).

    He was a respectable beast. I shall name him, "Herman".

  14. I'm like Ron Burgundy

    I love scotch, and am kind of a big deal

  15. Where the browns at???? haven't had anything but male enhancement pills and nigerian scams hit the email inbox lately. get fishin!
  16. Well, at least you can get that little problem taken care of and make a bit of off shore cash while you are at it...
  17. Nice one, Scott! And a good story to go with it. My brown was pretty much a surprise to me, but you went out and hunted yours down like Moby Dick.


  18. Heys guys tis the season to stick the piggies. get fishin pussies!
  19. Does Rufus Woods count as stillwater? If so, I've got this contest nailed in a month.

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