2012-2014 Hunting Regs

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  1. I'll be going to Moses Lake March 9 & 10 to give my sales pitch for fall turkey hunting with dogs to the Game Commisisoners. Anyone interested in information on this sport can check out www.tukeydog.org . SS
  2. I'm sure my dog would enjoy a fall turkey hunt.
    The dogs have looked at me kinda funny when we have put up turkeys and I haven't shot them.
    Like, damn that was the biggest grouse and you didn't shoot it, come on!!!!
  3. Have had the same experience Gary... Pretty funny to see a whole flock get up and my dog lose her mind. Would be a different turkey hunt for sure. Let us know how it goes Slipstream!
  4. I'll post when I get back. For some reason the DFW doesn't seem too keen on the idea, but I keep trying. Here is map from the AWTHDA website showing the states that allow dogs for turkeys. Washington sticks out like a sore thumb. SS
  5. Slipstream, I wish you the best of luck. However, be aware that the Governor still has a moratorium on non-emergency rule changes and this applies to WDFW as well. Therefore, even if the Commission wants to adopt your rule change, they can do nothing until the moratorium is lifted. Since the Governor has told all state agencies to submit plans for an across-the-board 10% cut for the next biennial, I don't know that this will happen any time soon...
  6. What does the dog do?
  7. The dog does several things, just like in upland bird hunting. First the dog finds the flock of turkeys, then busts the flock scattering the birds in all directions. Next the dog sits quietly with you at the flush site while you call the birds back in, after the shot the dog retrieves your bird, reducing the chance of losing a wounded bird. Its just like hunting chukar, huns or quail except instead of hunting up the singles after the initial flush you call the turkeys back into shotgun range. Pretty exciting all in all. SS
  8. Freestone, I am aware of the moritorium. The small game seasons (on the agenda) need to be amended
    (WAC 232-28-342), so that the dates for the next two years are correct in the upcoming pamphlets. Part of that WAC has special rules for turkey hunting and rule #3 is "It is unlawful to use dogs to hunt turkeys". I will use that as my door to open my proposal. Thanks, SS

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