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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jason Rolfe, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Bagman

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    Nick, I was one of those guy that fished your area, but no one told me about it. My wife and I spent a month driving around to spots that offered excess to fishing. I then drove to some of the spots and walked the beach when I thought there should be fish being caught.
  2. Nick Clayton

    Nick Clayton Active Member

    Bag, that is the best way to go about it for sure. I have done the same the past handful of years as I've been learning the salt. Sadly there are a good number of folks not willing to put in the effort and would rather lurk on forums to gather their Intel

  3. Ed Call

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    Chatted with Richard today. Know a bunch of merry malcontents in the area. Really knowledgable group. You'll be impressed when you meet some of this group.

    Maybe time for a social outing...pub of preference?
  4. mtskibum16

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    We should do a Kitsap get together soon! Pretty active crowd in these parts.
  5. constructeur

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    Make it on a weekend and some of we goofballs from this way may join ya.
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  6. Bagman

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    Weekend would work for me but I'm open most any time. As I do not know any of the pubs around someone else should name one.
  7. Nick Clayton

    Nick Clayton Active Member

    Found a couple players this morning before my son fell in the mud and we had to call it an early day 2012-10-28_07-44-38_444.jpg
  8. Bagman

    Bagman Active Member

    Good on ya Nick. Sorry about your boy. I guess it's not just old men that fall in the mud.
    I fished on Friday and found that it was much easier to break my boots loose from the mud if I pulled my toes up first. Anyone do this? Or was it all in my head?
  9. OK... not to be mean... but... that has to be the smallest chum I've ever seen! Is there such a thing as a jack chum? I suppose there must be, and I have seen some pretty small jumpers (saw some today in the river actually), but wow!
  10. Puget Sound Pimp

    Puget Sound Pimp Banned or Parked

    But for some reason those smaller chum tug harder than those 15 pounders.
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  11. Nick Clayton

    Nick Clayton Active Member

    Yup. Was a very fresh fish, and after hitting like a rainbow and wallowing a bit it screamed out into my backing while jumping like mad. Caught one about 10 lbs later and it fought no harder. These fresh fish especially are spirited

  12. Bagman

    Bagman Active Member

    And for those of us that have no idea what a Chum fights like. Nice fish Nick. Now after tomorrow I maybe saying the same thing. As you never know what tomorrow will bring. I fish because I love it so much. I did when I was young and I do now. Maybe someday I will be able to tell Nick that mine is bigger then his is, but for now I can't.
  13. Stonefish

    Stonefish Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater

    Nice work Nick.

    Back it the 80's we used to catch super small chum out of Grays Harbor tribs. Some were as small as 18" and they were always much brighter then the larger fish.
  14. kylesw

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    Bagman- you're in for a treat, expect to see your backing quite a few times with these fish :)

    Nice fish Nick. I've seen some fish out there that size jumping and suspected they might've been late coho, guess I was wrong!
  15. rotato

    rotato Active Member

    Took the skiff up into Carr inlet to look for chumminess yesterday afternoon
    Sniffed around minter and saw nothing
    Saw one chrome jumper dead center of the waterway
    Hooked a nice cutt off of deadman's
    Two tribal nets in the water towards purdy
    Good luck out there
  16. Mike T

    Mike T Active Member

    Saw the nicest coho I've seen all year landed on an area 13 beach yesterday, must have been pushing 15lbs, dime bright and hit a clouser. Found some blackmouth carcasses on an area 11 beach as well. Bring a full fly box, not just chum patterns like I did.
  17. chrome/22

    chrome/22 For him there whould always be the riddle of steel

    Amen to that, had some smaller pure chromer chum on last Fall. They fought like mad.

    Were hanging out with some older darker fish, but you knew instantly when you had one on. They fought like steelhead but without the jumps.

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  18. Tony James

    Tony James Member

    Spent a few hours yakin at the Hood this afternoon . . . nets everywhere! The tide was up, it was raining pretty steady, and only one or two other rods were there. I'm guessing there were better than 50 folks working the nets and they were absolutely full of fish!! The chummys were jumping everywhere. I only managed to bring one to the net but that one willing biter made my evening. The ugly beast was likely 15lbs or better (fisherman guess) and made me wish I had not chosen my 7 weight ... or the net I brought. I slowly worked a weighted chartreuse and silver morsel on a Gamakatsu SC15, which the big toothy chum simply could not resist. It took me way too long to get it to the net and then when I did, I could not get him in it. Bad planning all around on my part but I'm glad I made the trip. Don't under estimate the pulling power of these fish like I did, nothing less than the 8 from now on for me.
  19. Puget Sound Pimp

    Puget Sound Pimp Banned or Parked

    Imagine how many of those fish would have passed by you're fly if those nets weren't out...
  20. Tony James

    Tony James Member

    Very true PSP! Mike T's post about the Silver is what really fueled my itch to get out there and fling the fly. What I DON'T want to imagine is a big bright Coho in the nets too. Those are the buggers that have successfully eluded me this year.