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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jason Rolfe, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Ya see Nick this is how you. Matt not only put me in Check but them Mate with two in one trip but one that far gone. All joke aside. I was really supprized at the 10 or so dads showing there sons the fine art of fouling a Chum. Then there was the 4 teens running up and down the middle of creek seeing if the could catch one with there hands. There's no way that I would have taught my son how to break the law like this. Where do these people come from? I'm sure the WDFW knows this sort of thing is going on? Why don't they go to these spots and tag some of these guys. Hell I got a $99 fine because I forgot to put my pass from my rear view mirror. It was on my dash facing up. I was in the wrong so I will pay the fine, but tell me just what harm to anything did I do compared to the people fouling the Chum and taking them home?

    quote="Matthew Kaphan, post: 775007, member: 18505"]Fished on Wednesday and foul hooked TWO dead chum, one that was rotting. The hook came out with a hunk of foul smelling rotting flesh on it. But I did land a live one successfully.

  2. Got out for my first chum experience today, and I have to agree with Bagman--the Ugly Stick brigade seems to have made an art of snag chum, dragging them up in the mud, stepping on them while they remove the hook, and then kicking them back into the water. Bunch of chumps.

    On another note, it was a lot of fun to get out on the water. No dogs for me (except a nearly dead one that got my leader to line loop connection stuck in its teeth momentarily). Crazy to stand out in the water and have fish rushing you from every direction.

    gonna have to get back at it and see if I can find one.

  3. [/quote]

    Yeah, and can you imagine, they call that fishing!!!? And they teach their kids that....
  4. Overheard today: Father telling his daughter: "Just cast up over the top of them, and then yank it back!"

  5. The 10' leader crowd was in fine form on the river today.
    Wahoo hooksets at the end of every cast.
    Those chums fight pretty good when hooked everywhere besides the mouth and reeled in using line heavy enough to block out the sun.
    What a bunch of losers.
  6. I had heard people talk about nervous water. Having never seen it before I was not really sure what to look for. I was standing in knee deep or more water late yesterday. Like Jason said fish coming at me from all directions. I'm slowly striping in my line and I look to my right, and there is a wave like 6 or 8 inches high coming at me. I strip in as fast as I can and cast to this thought to be school of Chum. The waves backed off and up pops a SeaLion with a head as big as a basket ball. I watched as he did this 4 or 5 times. I guess he was chasing Chum into the low water. Having only fished these waters for 3 months I have seen a lot. Coho are such a joy to carch i can only wait to hook one of the other Salmon. I just cant believe how some people treat these greatest of resources. Can't wait to hook into an Orca I swear I will crap myself. I would also like to think you guys that have stepped up and offered help to an old man just trying to have some fun. I have already grown to love these fish called Salmon. I'm still going to try and catch a late season Coho. I'm hoping a 3 or 4 inch Sand Lance will do the job. Thanks for all you help on the Chum. I did not enjoy what I saw a Chico Creek yesterday. To me it was a lot like throwing rocks at Bald Eagles.
  7. Bagman sounds like its time to walk a cutthroat beach all by yuorself
    Don't lose the stoke
  8. I've been thinking the same thing. Time to let sleeping dogs lie. At least for a day or two that is.
  9. Awfully dead this morning. Very few fish around. And to top it off I got back to the truck I found that I lost both the rubber soled cleats for my korkers chrome boots. Damn mud
  10. Wow they popped off in the mud? I'd contact them for replacement because that doesn't seem right. Were there jumpers out further or just dead? It was pretty dead yesterday morning. Might have been the tide though.
  11. It was deader than dead. Very, very few jumpers.

    I'm planning on at least emailing them but I'm not super hopeful. Need to remember to double check them when I'm heading out
  12. Not really knowing a lot about Salmon so I'm not sure this pertains to them, but is some type of fish a change in the weather like we are getting will slow them down for a few days. Maybe there looking for two more Chum to have a three Dog night?
  13. Dang. Do you have the old style korkers, or the newer ones? I know the older ones suck. The mud pulled the felt off of half of my boot sole yesterday--made it really hard to walk around out there, because it was like having a rudder on my feet.
  14. Jason that's the same Question I was going to ask. I have a brand new pair by that I mean less then a month old. I was talking to a guy in the Poulsbo fly shop the other day. He said he picked up a pair when the first came out and the soles kept comming off on them. I'm hoping they fixed that. $149.00 is a lot to drop on a pair of boots that the soles fall off and you can't even dance in them
  15. I think they have fixed it--the old system just had little flaps in the rubber sole that were supposed to hold the sole in place. In my experience, they've never worked all that well. They stay on the boot, but come unhinged on the sides.

    The newer ones have those tabs that look like they must click into the sole somewhere. It looks like a much better design, but I've never used them.

    I originally got korkers thinking it would be so great to have the interchangeable soles. I have almost never found it necessary to change the soles out. Next time I buy some boots, it will be some plain old sticky rubber sole boots, maybe with cleats.

  16. I was just looking at mine. They have a tab in the front that almost the whole toe slides into 3 tabs on the the outside and three tabs on the inside of each sole. Them there is a rubber type strap that hooks over a button on the heel. I fell three times the other day trying to feet my boot unstuck from the mud. The soles are still on.
    I bought the Korkers because I liked the tightening system. Which by the way so far so good on that system. I did have mine replaced because the little tab that holds the wader mud flap down just pulled off the boot. With the new boots I just don't hook it up.
  17. These are new models, purchased new maybe two months ago. To be fair, I can't say that I checked them when I put on the boots in the morning so they could have already been ready to fall off....I dunno. Haven't had an issue to this point but those muddy estuaries are pretty brutal.

    I think ill shoot em an email tomorrow and see what they say. Really like the boots otherwise.
  18. The other day I noticed mine were separating a bit. I pulled off the sole and there was a decent amount of gravel/debris pushed up under the sole after about 6 months of use without taking them off. I think with enough crap under them it could loosen or disengage the plastic clips on the side. Something to check every now and then I guess.
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  19. Thanks for the heads up. I will keep an eye on my boots and remove the bottoms every now and then to clean under them.

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