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  1. FYI, the Fish & Game have posted the stocking schedule for most of WA.
    some interesting numbers posted. for my part the fall plants are some what of a question.
  2. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Interesting to say the least. I wonder if the releases for Depression Lake, Whatcom County are correct. 17,300 catchables in a lake that has about 1 acre surface area seems like they might be a bit crowded in there.
  4. It seems fish are going in a little later. I see a number of lakes with the plant date starting in May, usually these have been in March. I also heard an unsubstantiated rumor of later plants to counteract the scourge of cormorants. Perhaps this is the reason?

  5. How do the fish that are planted in fall survive compared to spring ?
    is it a cormorant predation thing also?
    it looks like a lot less Triploid plants this year so far??
  6. I've seen quite a few cormorants at all the lakes I've fished over the past few months.
    As far as the state planting less triploids this year, no loss in my opinion.
  7. yah i wonder about depression to they stocked it with like 13000 last year to i think i wonder since depression is connected to baker lake i wonder if they plan that some of the trout go into baker lake or something because 17300 is alot
  8. Thanks.

    I noticed that they dumped a few kokanee fingerlings into Beaver Lake on the Sammamish Plateau. And they did that last year as well. I wonder what happens to them in that small boggy infested lake? It doesn't seem like prime kokanee habitat to me and I've never heard of one being caught.

    Here are the numbers for King/Snohomish/Skagit/Whatcom:
  9. Cormorants are doing a number on the newly planted fish in Lake Spanaway... seems within a day of the recent plant another handful of birds moved in to feast. This is probably a trend across a lot of Washington lakes with fresh trout stocking (true so far on the four I fish). It's turned into such an air battle between the eagles, ospreys, and cormorants I'd guess a good percentage of the recent planters won't even have a chance at a fishermens presentation.
  10. The generous plants are certainly helping the eagles and osprey stay fat at Cottage lake.
  11. I like them Rainbow plants. Brown trout do too !!!!:)
  12. Well, them 3#ers might escape the cormorants, but maybe not the eagles.
  13. had another bust day @ Blackmans lake today.
    0 fish, but counted at least 30-40 Cormorants. and they are sure to have an impact on fish populations.
  14. the "Triploid Trout Distribution" schedule is out on the WDFW site.
    just in case any one cares?
  15. I have not either. Wonder where they go?!?
  16. I fished it over a dozen times and never saw nor heard of any. I don't think it's correct, despite what's being published.
  17. I can usually tell when they plant Goss Lake where I live. The eagles and osprey are circling for a couple days straight.
  18. I have caught several fish between 16 and 20 inches from Pass Lake which had puncture wounds, some very fresh, which appeared to me to be caused by Osprey or eagle talons but some may have been otter inflicted.

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