Dash Point

I have a girlfriend who lives up in NE Tacoma not too far from Dash Point so I want to drag her out fishing with me next time I go up there. I'm thinking my 5 wt will be fine. I'll just strip streamers for cutthroats??? What fly method should I use to have the highest probability to catch fish? Should I take my 8/9 and go for salmon? My 5wt (or 6/7) for cutthroats? Or is there something else I can do to get into some fish out there? Size doesn't matter...I just want to have some fun with my gal... you know, show her my trout! lol ;)


Be the guide...
A 6/7 would be ideal I think. Bring what you got. I often bring my 6wt and my 8wt.

I don't think the fish (salmon or trout) are really that picky in the salt for the most part. It is mostly a matter of getting their attention in the first place.

I'd try smallish clousers in drab olives and browns and then some brighter stuff in pinks and chartruse with some flash.

Try surface flies - royal wolffs, stimis, caddis in size 10-12 try dead 'drifted' and stripping them causing a small v-wake. Small foam poppers and sliders can be fun too.

You can also try spiders and reverse spiders and a whole list of other flies (do a search). But bottom line is just finding the fish and getting something in front of them...

have fun :)
Dash is sandy and flat. Strip low and slow for flounder, skates and sculpin. You see salmon along there in the fall, but this time of year, it would be hit-n-miss at best. Might get a perch around the pier. I've caught perch off the end of the point when the tide is ripping, that's private property if you're wading though.