2013 5wt shootout

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  2. Thanks for the post. Nice to see that the G. Loomis NRX Light Presentation 9 foot won. I also find it somewhat reassuring (?) that a lot of the mid to lower priced rods performed very well.
  3. In ways, this year's shootout (and it darn near is just that) is more interesting and informative than the evaluations of recent years, which I also enjoyed. No doubt that George Anderson and his staffers are excellent and widely experienced fly fishers, who know what good rod performance is, or should be. This is an excellent tutorial for the reader, showing us what performance parameters to value, and what to avoid. As one goes down the rankings, the opinions become increasingly harsh. George gives it to the also-rans with the bark off. And his underlying point is valid: Whatever the price range, or the quality of cork, guides, and other trimmings, any rod produced by a competent designer should be a competent performer within the limits of the graphite/matrix being used. But many of them aren't. And what is the excuse for that?
  4. I still think it takes away their credibility when they go out of their way to slam on rods they don't sell. An obvious marketing thing is all I see this as.
  5. I've cast the two Sages on the list and am surprised how they rated them.
  6. Gotta take everything with a grain of salt. It's impossible to be unbiased when it comes to a fly shop doing a rod test. Nevertheless there is a lot of good info for people to consider in these shootouts. I've used these shootouts in the past to guide my rod purchases but never without getting one in my hand to test before I pulled the trigger. I don't own any rods over $400 so it's nice to see them consider and test them against the $1000+ rods.

    I also think its funny how people get lit up on where there rods place on the list.
  7. I prefer when they post this stuff during the winter. I don't find myself worrying about gear as much when there's so much fishing to do.
  8. These are always good entertainment. A couple years ago the R.L. Winston Passport (one of their overseas built rods) was in top five. Honestly, I think the level of engineering and performance is getting so tight amongst the various rod builders, that we're down to shades of gray. My brother bought one of the Passports and when we were lawn casting it last year in the backyard before heading over to MT, it was keeping right up with my St. Croix and BIIIx.
  9. St. Croix is a player! However I do not find many fly shops carrying them. I know they were big with REI when they use to sell fly fishing equipment. For 200-300 bucks less they always seem to perform well in this shoot-out as well as others mentioning their value/performance. I have owned two, sold both and regret selling one of them. I would also like to see an evaulation or shoot-out that matches some of the classic graphites up against each other.... Scoot G's, ARC's, G.Loomis GLX classic (original), Sage XP, SP, LL, Winston LT, IM6, Powell (before its demise), etc. :D
  10. He did hit some of the new brands pretty hard, but in a short addendum paragraph he highly praised the Mystic Reaper, a rod that they got their hands on after the test.
  11. Maybe it is just me, or maybe it is because I have been around the block more times than I care to count, but I can't get excited about
    these types of reviews.

    Each caster has his own set of parameters, type of fishing and likes and dislikes. The analysis is really nothing more than the collective preferences of the testers.They give a good all around look at the products and point out those that don't quite measure up, but really, one should try a rod before putting his hard earned cash down on it.

    At least with the above list, it gives one a place to start looking.

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  12. I think the rating is interesting and I'm glad to see these tests. However, I tend to agree with the Olive Bugger, there is a lot of personal issues involved as well as the type of fishing each of the evaluators do. It would be interesting to see what their evaluations would have been if each rod was equipped with a bobber and an 18 foot leader to a tungsten bead chironomid......or rigged for tricos with a long leader and small fly....I'm sure the ratings would change wildly. Saying that, it has been a long time since I have casted a bad rod, they all seem pretty good today....
  13. I do not intend to belittle the test. I think a person can glean some good intel out of them. But the best test is to use the product for it's intended purpose.

    I know from experience that a lot of my purchases have been from emotional rather than cold hard evualation. It has cost me at time.
  14. I think the deflection boards are pretty cool, but I haven't cast any of the rods so it's hard to make any comparisons.
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  15. Absolutely. The only way to buy a rod is to cast it first.

    It still think expert reviews are a huge help in wading through all the gear that's available, especially since most of us have more than one gear-centric hobby.
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  16. Exactly Patrick! Some good info mixed with opinions of business owners trying to make a living selling rods...
  17. Those guys have done lots of these shootouts. I don't take their final rankings as gospel, but I do read the details of the reviews to glean info. For example, one common thread in every single shootout they've done is that they all seem to have one very distinct preference in their rods: "sensitive" and "soft" tips. Rods that have stronger tips invariably rate low. For my taste, I have always disliked such soft-tipped rods, and instead like strong-tipped rods. So I tend to scan their reviews to find where they write stuff like, "The tip was too stiff". Then I know I'll probably like that rod. To each his own.
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  19. Yup, me too. Like reading the results rather than looking at the score board.
  20. These reviews are interesting, but as they say, "We’re looking for rods that can do it all, at any distance, with a 5-weight GPX line."
    That metric has limited value to most fly fisherman. The 5-weight has been the all-around rod for many years, but few buy one rod and expect it to fish streamers on a type 6 line AND present a #22 BWO on 6x tippet.
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