2013 Salmon season recap (pic heavy)

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Pat Lat, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. So this has been my first season dedicated to chasing salmon on a flyrod. It seems like I worked more than I slept, and fished more than both. It was a rough start as some of my friends will attest. It took a while to translate what I have learned about fishing for searuns over the past few years, and finally start putting fish on the beach.
    Overall I had an excellent season and all it took was a little dialing in my cast and time on the beach. If you've tried and failed (like I did for a couple years) at catching a salmon on a fly off the hundreds of miles of accessible beach that we have in the puget sound, then I think the magic piece of advise is just know that it takes a month of trying pretty much every morning before work and then it just turns on. It didn't seem like I was doing anything different, but some how the world knew that I had put in my month of watching everyone around me catch fish every trip, and it was finally my turn.
    Well, with bad weather around the corner, and family time to make up for. I rounded out my season with a little night fishing and finally got a good shot of a chumdog that put the icing on the cake this year. I have a feeling that the fishing trips will be few and far between this winter, so I think I'll embrace cabin fever early and hit the vise.
    It was nice meeting people from this site on the beach this year, maybe a few more next year. Good luck to everyone. Here are my favorite pics from this year, some have already been seen and/or ridiculed in past threads.
    IMG_7655.JPG IMG_7651.JPG 1098403_10201830025652743_1782029181_n.jpg DSCN2752.JPG DSCN2730.JPG DSCN2758.JPG DSCN2766.JPG DSCN2771.JPG
  2. Nice series of pictures. Congrats on a excellent season.
  3. Thanks, and I appreciate all the bits of knowledge that I've gleaned off you, and some of the other guys, that helped put the pieces together.
  4. Like, Like, Like! Great photos, strong work sir! Maybe next year I can emulate your success!
  5. Nice work!
  6. Nice pics Pat. Congratulations on a great season
  7. Btw, was that Seal dead or napping?
  8. Excellent and congratulations.
  9. Nice work on those cutts ;)
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  10. Nice work Pat!

    Having fished with you for most of the season, I was pretty pumped to see you start getting into fish. It was a rough start for you, but when you started catching, you were on fire.

    You're a stand up dude, Pat...glad to have shared the season with you.

    LOL that seal was "napping", but I thought something was off. He let me get way too close for that pic. I shot it, then went to work and read about harbor seals getting sick in the Sound. He was gone the next morning so who knows? Maybe he was just extra lazy?
  11. Cool! I've walked the beach at Point No Point and seen baby seals nap, pretty "cute". :)
  12. definitely good times fishing with ya jon, now I need to get into some steelhead.
    I have also set a goal for next year, well next odd year. I call it the puget sound yahtzee, catch all five species of salmon in the salt in one season, if I could only get a sockeye early on in the season before they scoot through the locks.
  13. That would be awesome, but not so sure about the sockeye...although I've seen plenty of them early in the season north of Seattle... and you're out of luck for pinks next year, so you can just make this a training season.

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  14. Thats exactly what I was thinking Steve, the cedar river run hits the locks around june/july then people seem to do well fishing in lake WA during the summer. Next year I might be scoping out MA9-east early in the summer to see if it is possible. And yes I know there are no pinks next year:).
    according to the rules pamphlet they have nearly the same features as a coho, but with less spots, smaller teeth and no silver on the tail.
  15. Sweet photos. I gotta learn more about beach fishing.
  16. Great photos! This was my first year fishing for cutts, but fishing the beach is great.
    Hopefully I can catch a couple salmon next season. You are giving us rookies hope!
  17. A season to remember - thanks for sharing the great photos.

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