2013 Yellowstone Angler Wader Shootout

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  1. Thanks, I and every one else seem to be looking for waders. I still use some old orvis and simms waders, have always done me fine.
  2. Thanks for posting. I own G3's and wear them 7-8 months of the year and a pair of the Orvis Sonic wader pants when it gets warmer. Like them both. This review was thorough. I think they covered all the bases.
  3. I can attest that Steve uses his whenever he is not workin'
  4. Leland, is Orvis going to make a zip-front Sonic Pro?
  5. Probably the most comprehensive test of fly fishing related gear I have ever read. I appreciate that they discussed both socks and wicking underwear as well. Their conclusions confirmed a lot of my suspicions. For instance, it appears that buying 3 pair of the Orvis Silver Sonic waders at $260 each would make more sense than buying a single pair of G-4's for $700. You could alternate them like underwear or socks and never be without waders no matter what happened. And that the price of G-3's is probably about as much as you should have to pay to get an exceptionally good wader with a strong guarantee. And finally, that you can buy a $100 pair of waders that will keep you dry and comfortable. There appears to be a decent wader at every price point. Now if we could just say that about pickup trucks......

  6. Robert,

    Yes, zip front Sonic Seam waders will be available later this year. Can't remember the exact date.

  7. I may have missed it in the article but were they testing humidity on multiple users or just one guy?

    Seems to me that people perspire at different rates and even the same person may perspire at a different rate depending a variety of environmental and metabolic factors. For instance, I'm cold most of the time (thanks to a missing thyroid) yet sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night drenched (maybe Mrs. Lufkin's night sweats have rubbed off on me!)

  8. I have used and owned Orvis waders for almost 20 years, through the good, the bad, and the great. I'm very satisfied with the new Sonic Seam Convertibles.
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  9. Yes, zip fronts are on the way but they won't be priced as low as these Silver Sonics.
  10. Kent - I perspire the heaviest when I am about three hours late for some dinner my wife arranged. I am pretty calm the first hour of fishing before I have violated some promise surrounding the timing and duration of my fishing...
  11. I think those are going to be my next pair.
  12. Good thoughts, Ive.

    I've been using a similar approach for the past few years. I have a pair of 4-year old Patagonia chest waders and a 3-year old pair of Cloudveil wading pants. I use each roughly equally to spread the wear-and-tear. I just picked up another set of Pata chest waders on closeout and will add those into the rotation. I should never be without a functional set.
  13. Never again will I wear waders without a full zip front. Easiest to get into and the junk is easier to get to when you need to.
  14. Been seeing the pataguccis on steepandcheap quite a bit lately for over 50% off MSRP if anybody is looking
  15. I picked up a pair of Redington Sonic zip-front from WatersWest (super guys) last October, have about 35 days on them and echo JesseJames sentiments. I am surprised they came in so much lower rated than the Orvis, I'll check the Orvis out when these wear out. I like everything about them except the gravel guard hook as was mentioned inthe review, but I'm willing to forgive that for a pair of zip-fronts that are 1/2 of Simms price. I just don't use the hook and the guards stay in place pretty well.
  16. I can't believe there are waders called red balls
  17. Salesman: "......and here, Mr.James, is our latest product-the world's largest zippered fly!......and around in back notice the cleverly concealed breathable waders........."

    Jesse: ''I'll take them at any price and never fish without them again!! My junk will thank me for it."
  18. You whippersnappers haven't a clue; those were about the only ones available in the old days :D
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  19. My dad still uses Red Balls. He is just about ready to retire them and move to something breathable. He didn't get back into it until September or October, so breathable hasn't really been an issue.

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