2014 8 wt shootout (Yellowstone Angler)

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  1. I saw that earlier today. A relatively inexpensive TFO rod was near the top of the list.
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  2. I just wish I could try all these rods and decide for myself! Thats all that matters (to me) :D
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  3. Put a Joan Wullf Ambush line on any rod, it will cast a mile if that's what you're into/need.

    You could rig up a 10' stick of 1/2" PVC, and I bet you could throw it 60'.
  4. I thought they said it was an 8 weight shoot-out???

    So they take a 7 wt. sage and put it way up in an 8 weight shoot-out - now that's some funny shit!
    So just how did the 8 wt method do? guess we will never know!
  5. Is it really that good? I haven't used it. but if you say its top shelf, i will give it a try.
  6. So just how did the 8 wt method do? guess we will never know![/quote]

    Its on there Mark, they also did the winston in 7 and 8 wieght.
  7. Much like the Winston Passport making it into the top 10 (#6 if memory serves) in a 5 wt shootout a few years back. Just goes to show that a lot of value can be had if one can stay clear of the marketing hype. I still have a Cabela's Fish Eagle II 906.2 that fires line as well as my RPL's, BxII and Legend Elite's.
  8. Very suspect...

    No ECHO rods, even though the E3s and PRIME are awesome casting and fishing tools.

    Oh well...one shop' s opinion.
  9. Its on there Mark, they also did the winston in 7 and 8 wieght.[/quote]

    AHHH I MISSED IT! My bad! the "ELITE" 9 weight, oops I mean 8.
  10. Good vid, but it is all subjective in my book. Another person's opinion is a good starting point, but unless I take the rod and line in hand and
    subject them to my casting style (or lack of), it is moot and lost to me.
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  11. To me it is what you like and your casting stroke. I like slower action rods. And a lot of the rods in this shoot out aren't for me. My brother has a tighter casting stroke and likes rod a little faster then me. So I don't pay much attention to these shoot outs. The best way is to try them your self. But that is just me.
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  12. Great read.

  13. Oh my gosh YES!!!

    I can make 4 false casts with my BiiX 8 wt, and throw the whole line - and almost the whole line with a 10' sink tip!
  14. Great Casters can cast a broom stick with some kite string on it.
    The shootout stuff is very informative and useful. People should watch video it is very well done and candid. If it was just about selling rods why would you have the same rod win that won 2 years ago?? . Not to mention a rod that you can buy most anywhere? People that are gear junkies would jump at the chance to have an excuse to buy a new rod that would jump higher,run faster and cast further.
  15. Last summer, I spent an hour at Yellowstone Angler, trying out three four-weights in their side yard. The one I had most wanted to test (because of its stellar YA rating) was a disappointment, in that its very soft tip is a feature that I hate, even in light line rods. And I bought, from their bargain boxes, spools of tippet that had been used to construct the leaders used in the most recent tests.

    Ratings won't always direct you to a rod that subjectively appeals. Nevertheless,
    we're lucky that at least one fly shop does such comprehensive comparative tests. Reading through their annual test report can't help but elevate one's understanding of what matters in rod performance. And if a pack of s.w. Montana fishing guides can't educate the rest of us, who could?

    I wish they'd expand their test program beyond 4, 5, and 8-weight rods. But even a guide needs time off.

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