What's the STRANGEST thing you ever caught?

We went fishing last weekend and my buddy caught A ROCK! It was a small rock about 2" in diameter and his line wrapped around it and hooked itself.

We released it unharmed after a brief trophy photo...

Any good stories?

(PS...I release all native rocks and bonk the hatchery pebbles)


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Funny you mention this because I thought I was the only one able to accomplish such a feat of nature. Last weekend I caught 3, I repeat 3, rocks on the Tucannon river. No joke, my dad will not let it go. Something about those rocks up there that seemed to have an ecomagnetism (sp?) between them and my hook for some reason? Never caught any before and hopefully never will. Better than being skunked though :THUMBSUP


ps...they were also released using proper C&R techniques. One went belly up though :ANGRY
I've caught rocks connected to sea anenomes, starfish, . crab traps, ratfish, sturgeon poacher and a wolf eel - the best was a scallop that snapped onto to the tail of my herring.

I caught part of a animal skeleton on the Green river - before they had a suspect and I thought it may have been human - verified as non-human and canine.

I've caught many zebra mussels in Michigan.

Slightly unrelated, but when a young spin fisher, I caught two catfish using a pink smiley-face sticker smooshed around a hook. Must have absorbed some salmon egg scent or something...


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Alpine - where'd you find a box turtle? Was it a pet?
Box turtles are found in the wild in the grasslands of the mid west and the southern states from Arizona to Forida - but unless someone threw one in the water, they stick to dry land (think small tortoise)....

I used to catch snappers and sliders down in texas when bait fishing.

I did catch a bull frog on my fly rod when I was a kid - i was just playing around and didn't think it would bite, but it thought it was a live bug walking in front of it. I felt terrible...

My buddy caught 2 clams of some kind connected to rocks at Point Defiance while mooching. His line slide through the open shell and they clamped right down on it. I gave him a hard time for flossing clams :TONGUE

Also in Texas, I had a BIG gator eat by bobber on several occassions. He didn't care for the bait, he just had a thing for bobbers. I found a collection of hundreds of cracked and some not cracked bobbers back in a swampy area I think it nested by...

Has anyone ever caught an alligator gar? Nasty fish - lots of teeth...

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Not directly on point, but a while ago I was fishing in a river from a drift boat. I cast towards the bank near where a very large dead tree branch was protruding from the bank. There was a boiling, swirling eddy in this area and foam about 6 inches high. I had no idea where my fly even landed, but let it sit in the foam and the eddy for a few seconds. When I started stripping my line in, I felt a lot of resistance, and discovered I was hung up on the branch. As I stripped in, the branch started coming off the bank. This thing was probably 15 feet long and 8 inches around at its widest spot, more like a small log than a branch. Anyway, I pulled the branch up to the boat and reached down to free my line. It was somehow wrapped around the tip of the branch. When I unwrapped it, I felt the line shaking. So, I pulled the rest up to find about a 14" cutt hooked on the fly at the end of my leader. It was a pleasant surprise to say the least, though obviously not as much fun as catching a fish the conventional way.
Well. let's see. Landed a decomposed, skeletonized fish of some unknown origin. Caught a rock last year on the Skykomish-roughly an inch in diameter. Threw it back after carefully reviving it. Narrowly missed a sea gull. As a kid about 35 years ago, I did some sight fishing for mergansers...they will really chase a flatfish. Yup, had bats try to pick up a big dry off the surface.
Strangest thing I ever caught was my ex-wife and I surely am glad that catch and release is legal in this state. (Love is truly better the second time around.)

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When I was 12, I was fishing in a pond, with a crankbait, and I teased a duck with it, only to have the duck attack it, and get hooked on the treble. It then tried to fly away. All I remember is total chaos at the end of my line.

The details are sketchy how I got the plug back, I can only assume my Dad showed up to help me out, and that plug seemed to lose a hook off the treble.

Last year, fishing the Travelling Caddis hatch in BC, my brother and I had to keep terns and gulls from grabbing our flies, as I did not want to relive a hooked bird again. It was the first time that I have ever had to do that, but I can understand that a TC would make a nice meal for a bird.

I also saw earlier this year, with a guy who caught a rock on a fly. The rock was hooked right through a hole in it.

I release all the rocks, pebbles and estranged ducks.
Genetic pollution damages wild
stocks, bonk those Hatchery Zombies!
i did actually hook this girl i was dating one time, i will leave it up to your imagination where. but people pay a lot of money for those now.... wait. uh. :HMMM jer
Let see I caught a mud duck that put up quite a fight until I cut the line. A log that I thought was a fish due to the current moving it all around like a fighting fish. I also reeled in a 5ft log that proved while my knots a not pretty they are strong. But the strangest I could not figure out until it was on the dock. All I saw at first was a fin break the surface and two eye looking things. It turned out to be a kids swim goggles with a creature of the black lagon head peice that had been on the bottom for a few years. This was not released but taken home to show off as a trophy and thrown out after I showed others proof of. :EEK :LOVEIT :EEK :LOVEIT
While spin fishing on a river years ago, I snagged the tip of a small branch sticking out of the water. The water was slow and fairly shallow, and I was not about to lose a $2 rooster tail. I waded out and grabber the branch. Turns out it was the tip of a huge elk rack, skull and all. Kinda cool and creepy all at once. I dragged it to shore and left it there. Got a great picture of my catch though.

Happy Trails,

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(1) A Tern (something like a seagull.)
Flyfishing in the middle of a Bluefish blitz on the North Carolina Outer Banks at Ocracoke Island 10 years ago. Waist deep in the surf with Blues busting the surface on baitfish all around me, Terns and Gulls going crazy diving after floating body parts - truly a scene that dreams are made of. I cast into the melee and suddenly my line goes skyward. I was gaining line on him when he snapped my leader on his second run. Guess it was either a pretty realistic fly pattern or some pretty poor targeting by the bird.

(2) My Beagle.
Surf fishing off the DelMarVa peninsula just north of the mouth to Chesapeake Bay for Black Drum 12 years ago. After baiting my hook with a chunk of squid, I leaned my surf rod on the back of my 4X4 while I retrieved my sand spike. Next thing I know, I've got line peeling off the reel. A quick look down the beach and I see Gaellahad (my beagle) running down the beach trailing line behind him. Damned Beagle apparently had jumped up and took the squid, impaling himself in the top of the mouth on my 5-0 stainless steel hook on the way down. Yeah, he's still alive and kicking today...but he still has his head up his butt.