North Sound Beach this AM


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I went this Sunday AM at a local north end beach.....I was trying a new line (Cortland 444SL multi tip on my rod).....need more experience with this set up...first time with this multi-line. Nothing but cold fingers and wind. Tried a orange reverse spider and a couple bait patterns ...No luck. Two others out there but I really didn't pay enough attention to know if they had success or not...I'm leaning that they did not. No visual of fish. The wind was a hindrance...and after a couple hours the idea of a hot coffeee and some hot food pulled me away. Was any one out at a near beach from Picnic Point this AM?
Hi Porter;

Petty sure that was fish hunter and I. You park behind a small Nissan p/u?
Good guess on our luck as well. That was my first time trying for S.R.C.s
That wind do make it a little more interesting , don't it?
Between the two of us, we tossed everything but the poles. Nada!:(
F/H said it's either hit or miss there. Have you fished there allot?
Just looking for any helpful hints I can get.
Thanks Jeff


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That's a good spot. Yes that was me sorry for not introducing myself. That area is better later in spring and summer. I was having a hell of a time with a new line on my rod. Divorce that line in the near future ????..not quite ready to give up. My thought is at that time of the AM if you don't see fish jumping (which I didn't this AM) in the hour or so ...there is not going to be much happening. You two took the better spot of that beach...the first part. I went wide right (for first time...nada) but some interesting looking water. Attractors such has reverse spiders on a floater can be good but usually bait patterns in silver/and or silver/green on a interM/or sink tip will win the day.

Next time we need to say Hi :) :) I go there from time to time so next time you see my black ranger PU say Hi.
Porter, you should have been there Saturday!

Actually, just kidding, Willie B., Tony K., and I had the identical experience Saturday as you did Sunday. Still several weeks early for SeaRuns at that location, including PP, and, according to another guy fishing South of the point, some Coho showing but at about twice his casting distance from the shore. Wind was light early on (6:30 am), then picked up in earnest and shifted so the waves were bouncing us around the shore pretty good, and decided it was time for something hot.


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Yeah...I know it's a little early but when I have a couple hours it is (North beaches) convenient area to go fishing. My honey do list is getting big too so it will probably be a couple weeks or so before I get back out. Kids have spring break coming up in a couple weeks so I'm hoping to take them camping and hit Deception (Pass and Salt) for a long weekend. Thanks for the tip .. so much better than a long steep huff back :) :)
I gotta chuckle at myself.
I'm always ready for any tip I can glean from South Sounds folks, but I sure get leary when someone starts sniffing around my backyard. Ain't that the nature of the beast!

Porter, didn't you hear, there's great fishing for SeaRuns in Kenmore! don't be coming to 'my' side of the tracks no more. :clown:
secrets on the salt forum about the puget sound? gotta hand it to you if you have a secret beach in the northsound cuz I and everyone else who fishes them regularly know all of them. hey, to each his own, see ya out there little secret squarrel's


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Salt Dog & Bhudda,

Fish quietly, leave quietly, stay quiet... I can't wait for real-time reports from laptops & Blackberrys with Wi-Fi! Won't that be great!
Now a Blackberry or Palm with Wi-Fi would be great! Program the entire WFF address book into them and every time that someone had a strike they could immediately share the location, gear used, etc. Great idea Fish Hunter..