Pattern Tying on Waddington Shanks


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I’m currently doing my winter fly tying … mostly salmon patterns – hairwings, tubes, some featherwings. I’m trying some of the green and the black patterns in Chris Mann’s Hairwing & Tube Flies for Salmon & Steelhead. I’m getting up my courage to try the “Orange Parson” classic featured in the most recent Fly Tyer issue. In addition, I thought I’d try some waddington shank patterns. I haven’t found a really clear graphic instruction on how to tie on waddington shanks. I’ve looked on the Internet and in Dick Talleur's salmon fly tying book(even exchanged emails on the subject with Dick). Paul Jorgensen’s coverage in his “Salmon fly” book was about as good as I could find. Could any of you suggest a good graphic instruction source?



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Check out
Look at the tying instructions. Jack ties most of his larger patterns on Waddington shanks. Good PDF files that you can DL and take a look at. I am a big fan of them and I don't really think that they are much different than tying on a true hook.
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