Lone Lake report


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Saturday dawned around 8:00 on the lake. It was half covered in a mist for about an hour after that. There is still a bloom on the lake of tiny round algae...visibility is only a couple of feet. The weeds are starting to die off and recede a little. The south end is still fairly thick.
Whitey's "secret fly" bagged one after only 10 minutes in the water. The fish swallowed it so deeply I could barely see the head of the fly. I clipped the line as short as I could and wished him well. I lost the next two flys just as I was bringing the fish to hand. Both knots came loose...very strange. I realised I had put on a section of Climax leader, not my usual brand. Anyone else experience this with Climax?
I couldn't leave well enough alone, I had to try some other patterns, all to no avail. Not until I put the Whitey's Special back on did I catch another fish. Once on, there were 4 more for a total of 7 for the day. I bailed out around noon for a p---stop and coffee break.
Great morning all in all, fish, eagles, geese, ducks, great sunshine, sparkling water, life is good.
The larger fish were thinner than the smaller ones, not sure what the difference is in the strains. The shorter ones were thicker and firmer fish with a lot more spunk. Let's hear it for the litte guys...!!! They all ranged from 10 to 17".


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Good to hear it was a good day on the lake. That fly is not a huge secret, just overlooked. I didn't want to post the name because it really does work extremely well. anyway, if you ever want to fish it with myself, I think it would be fun.(we'll leave Macrowdy at home :WINK )YT


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Lone Lake redux

I'll be there again on Saturday the 19th. Right around daybreak...blue FishCat pontoon boat...white haired, 1/2 C-note (as of the 13th).

Lone Lake redux

Roper, I've had that experience with Climax and have since stopped using it. I was always careful when tying on the flies and still had trouble.
I have been checking out this forum for a while. The lone lake topic sparked my interest because I am going there tomorrow!!

What is a whitey special?
If fishing this lake in the afternoon what depth should I start the chironomid at?


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Oh, that's simple. The Whitey special is a rubber long toed salamander (the locals call them "Water-dogs") coverd with chocolate and sprinkled with nuts. I think he works it on clear intermediate so that the Whitey Special looks like all the other chocolate-coated salamanders at Lone Lake. Remember, don't forget to sprinkle it with nuts! It would be terrible to come so close to stillwater zen and miss it...


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