Lenore, South end


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Any reports out there. May try it tomorrow. Never fished it before. Will be arriving a few hours before a couple friends from Spokane area, so looking for a head start. What's a simple basic rig to start up with. I have the location, don't know the presentation. PM's welcome, Thanks!
I was there on Sunday.

Don't fish within 200 yards of the pumping station at the south end of the lake. It's closed waters, and you will be ticketed.

There are fish cruising the entire shore of the lake, but they are much more interested in spawning (or trying to) than in feeding. In some places you can see where they have cleared out "redds" in the gravel.

The north end of the lake was the usual mob scene, with indicator fisherman standing shoulder to shoulder.

i was there fishing the north end this past weekend, the fish cooperated well once the right pattern was chosen. bring a good assortment of chronies, sz 12-16, reds and blacks dominated, especially with some gold ribbing. sunday morning the hot fly was a sz 12 red with gold bead head and then by around 12:00 the fish changed their minds and wanted a smaller black with gold ribbed sno cone. the fish are also much shallower than you would think. many many guys were waded too deep. i fished sat out of my pontoon boat and landed only 1, i fished off the shore on sunday and landed around 15 (one foul hooked ehem..), many taking the fly within 5 feet of my rod tip. pay attention to the details, be courteous and have fun!:thumb: