CF Burkheimer spey rods

I am considering the purchase of a Burkheimer 14'9" 9 weight rod for casting sink-tips and big flies. Does anybody have experience with these rods? I am particularly interested in hearing about performance comparisons to Sage's 9140 (of which I am familiar).

Thanks in advance,

Jim is building a Burkie for a buddy of mine now, well he will as soon as he gets the blank. He can tell you what you want to know, although you are in for a wait if your set on one of his rods. you can also contact Bob Meiser out of Ashland, OR. @ 541-488-1090 or He has a plethora of aplicable information and builds some of the sweetest rods I have ever seen, drop him a line and see what you get...


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The last time I bought a rod from Jim (which was a few years ago), he had a lot of rods pre-built for sale. If you're not too choosy, you might be able to get a custom rod, just without some of the custom options exactly the way you want them.
My time frame referance was not saying that it is time consuming to get a rod from Jim, Just that the Burkies take time to get. My buddys blank was ordered a few months ago, and the last time I saw Jim (a couple of weeks ago) the blank had still not been recieved yet. alpinetrout is correct about Jim having rods ready to sell, He likes to fish what he builds, and does sell the rod he is fishing on the river sometimes also. you could also check out another site,, There are alot of guys over there that own the Burkies and Sage rods, and you'll get a unbiased opinion from someone that won't make anything off the deal. In fact if you check the archives you will probably find the info your after there.
Thanks for the input everyone. I just ordered a Burkheimer from Jim Seaman at Mill Creek Rods. The blank is shipping Monday and I should have a rod tied up in a few weeks!!!