Just for Members?

I have been to other forums (non-fishing related), and some have an area where you can post stuff about anything with members only being able to view it. Now, I don't want to be a thorn so go ahead and tell me no but, I really like you people, and I like talking to ya. Sometimes it would be nice just to shoot the sh** with some of you, about fishing or family, life in general. So could it be possible to have a member only post area where we could just post stuff to shoot the sh**?
Sounds like a good idea.
However, for it to be effective there needs to be some determination of what makes a member. Anyone can sign up and neve post.
So for the members section, I would say that their should be a post rate requirement-iin that one must post so much over a period of time to be allowed access to the members only section. If Chris can have it set to work automatically- great. But if not, its too much work to do it manually.

The other thing to think about is that though a members section would be nice, people still shouldn't post too much personal info. People might get a false sense of security and the idea that its allright, but you should still watch out for yourself. For example, I attract weirdos, so either way, it doesn't matter to me. Just be careful.

But good idea.
LOL Weirdo Magnet... Yeah, I agree weirdos are creepy. Hmmm what about a way to apply? LOL secret cyber handshake to enter......Its just an idea not even sure it's possible. LOL maybe I am a snob wanting a members only post site.....but, I think it could be nice to have a "friends of the forum" of sorts.

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I have been in other forums too and a "member" is usually someone who pays a premium to be a "member" like gorillamask.com as an example. and they usually have tons of weidos

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I have no idea what the problem is. There was one site I used to hang out on that you had to have 300 posts to access their special forum. I just never did to good there so I quit going there.



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Shoot the sh*t with ya....I think most members here want to shoot ducks, pheasants, nutria, and even each other with some of the posts I have read on here. I think it would open a can of worms..because now someone has to play King and decide who is worthy to belong to such a forum... besides the moderators have enough to worry about..keeping it civilized, adding radio, gallery room and other nice features. Shooting the sh*t leads to splattered flying sh*t and someone inevitably gets it on their face. Just my .02 :( :(