Zonker strips

I was toying with the idea of buying some rabbit zonker strips and i remembered i have a whole white rabbit pelt. so my question to you is would it be worth the effort to cut and dye my own or whould i just go to sportmans and buy from them? and if its not too tearably difficult to do what kind of dye should i use and where would i find it.
Any advice on the subject would be greatly appricated.


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Cut them with a razor. As far as dying, there is an article on flyanglersonline.com (worst website evah) but someone who knows his stuff, do a search for it.

A full pelt in the color you want is not very expensive. Okay, maybe the exact shade isn't available but probably something close is. Cutting up a whole pelt takes some time but it's less money than buying the little bags if you plan to use bunny fur a lot.


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Hey Andy.........sure hope the comment about FlyAnglersonline was tongue in cheek?????

They are still one of the most informative sites around. One that is always updated with tons of new information weekly.