Green River Utah

Hey guys.

Well, last weekend I went to the trout aquarium known as the Green River here in Utah. It was my fourth trip there in the last year.

I got there weds night and got up the next morning and tried swinging streamers with the 7wt spey rod... But no dice. Caught a dozen or so on a midge larvae and another dozen or so on a BWO emerger.

Friday I was determined to hit the river hard and not goof around with dries or my spey rod like I had the day before. It paid off. I landed between 50 and 60 fish on a size 24 semi-zebra midge I tie. One of the fish was in the 20" club, 4-5 in the 18-19" range, but a majority were in the 14-17" range. I think only 4 of the fish that day were rainbows.

Saturday was a hard day. I had run out of my midge that was doing really well and I had to go a size larger and there was a big difference. I only landed about 25 fish, but had a few more rainbows on this day. I actually fished the entire A section on this day doing a kind of "death march" with a buddy of mine. It's about a 7 mile long hike, but you add in fishing and scrambling along the bank, it felt more like 27 :)

Sunday we only fished for about 2 hours or so. Went just below "little Hole" (which is considered the beginning of the B section). I caught about 10, 4 of which were rainbows. I ended up catching my best fish of the weekend, a 21" brown.

This week it has been back to reality. I have two term papers due on Monday, and finals start a couple of days after that. Then its a summer of guiding and a few fishing trips (maybe one back home for some summer steel)

here's some pics. Not much fish porn but a few good ones to check out... Hope the blue skies don't piss you off too much :)

Here's an otter that I ran into

Nice report! Didn't see any other people in your pics, it can't be that uncrowded can it? Kind of surprised at the low number of rainbows-has whirling disease had a great effect on the fishery? It's been a few years since I fished it, but your report brings back some good memories. Gotta get back over there soon.
Thanks for sharing.:)
There was quite a few guys fishing, but if you keep moving and get away from access areas you can avoid the crowds. Especially if you fish the weekdays.

Supposedly, whirling disease hasn't effected the Green. I have never caught a rainbow with the symptoms. Most of the rainbows congregate in the first couple of miles below Flaming gorge dam. Also I hear that the Browns eat a lot of the juvenile bows...
Thanks for the info lucky.
That hike from the dam had to have cut into your fishing time, but 25 fish is a damn good day most places. A lot of people used to float that 7 mile stretch from the dam to Little Hole in their float tubes (not me) and at the time there was talk of outlawing it. Do you know if that happened? Also wondered if carp have become more numerous and if pike have made an appearance yet.
Thanks again.:)