Puerto Vallarta Shore Fishing Report 4-15-06

I just returned from Nuevo Vallarta and did most of my beach fishing at the mouth of the river that separated Jalisco from NV. I shredded most of my bright Clousers in the early daybreak and just wacked them w a series of bass poppers as the sun rose. Almost all exclusively Yellowtail, Croakers and Jacks, but man what a blast.

As the sun rose the croakers would pod up and act likethey were surface feeding, you could land a small popper in the midst of them and they would fight over it! I fished from 8 to 10 PV time every morning for eight days, and had them dialed in by day three. The low tide, if it fell during daylight, seemed to make the fish pod up even more. I was a good 150 yrds from the mouth of the river, and waste deep. It was about a 20 minute walk from the Nuevo Vallarta breakwater for the marina to the point where you could see the river mouth. Had a 6?7 wt with a clear shooting taper lake line, it didn't effect the popper action as I was stripping it and getting it to gurgle to entice the bite.