Pattern Two gotta have lake patterns

I have just reacently gotten serious about learning how to fish lakes. so far i have just caught fish on a bead head damsel nymph. I've read chronies work well and leaches/WB are always good. What are some of your go to flies? Patterns and pics welcome.
As it makes progress check out the galery for the 2006 stillwater swap.

Damsel nymph is good.

Size 12 gummy worms in several colors.

Fly tyer's last issue had 21 must have lake patterns.


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I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Peacock-body Olive Carey Special. Instead of using tinsel for the ribbing, I use copper wire. I also strip off some of the marabou-like fibers, from behind the hackle-tip fibers (ring-neck pheasant rump feathers), to use for the tail. My feeling is that it makes the fly look a little more alive. For some reason, when all my other lake flies don't seem to work, this Carey never fails me.

The sick thing about this pattern is that I've tied some rather large ones (size 12, 6xl shank) and fish don't get scared by it. I'm actually tempted to tie one that's on a TMC 300, size 8 hook--just to see what happens. I think I should make the body real PHAT.:cool: