Skeena/Dean Guides?


Can anyone point me in the direction of a good local (canadian) guide for the Dean river as well as the Skeena river system?

A guide that caters to the spey fisherman.

websites and contact info would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



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Hit the spey pages web site and look up Bob Pauli, Dana, Kush, etc. Bob fishes the area frequently, Dana and Kush live in BC and are probably on a first name basis with the majority of the areas guides.


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I agree with whistler fly fishing as well.
The river up north are by no means a 2 handed rod only. I like a 2 handed rod because I can IMO fish water better. I can be in the water more and cast further with less effort. It is personal choice on the rod that you want to use. PLUS the steelhead dont care!!!:thumb:
Does anyone have suggestions on patterns to tie up? I'm heading up that way in July, and it appears that I really need to start tying NOW. Do the 'standards' work up in BC?