Sandy River Spey Clave, May 13 - 14, 2006


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Yes, there are a couple every year around here. The one you're referring too is put on from a store that starts with a "K" (not a site sponser, so I'll let you figure that one out). It usually happens late February or early March.

There was also an event up on the Skagit a few weeks ago and later this years one in Carnation, WA through River Run Angler's. It's in October and here is a link from last years event (

Most Saturday's you can also go try out a bunch of different setups with Aaron, Mike and others thru River Run Anglers, so you don't have to wait for a clave! Check out

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Thanks flybill,
I'll keep an eye out on the events at
Looking at the list of instructors at the Sandy River event I think I could pick up a lot considering I only have 4 hours of spey casting experiance (from a local class) I hope my mother will understand my absence this weekend.... :D
There's some really great demos - here are two that i'd recommend for getting a better understanding of spey casting styles - and how to use them in fishing situations.

May 14:
Steve Choate, Ed Ward, Steve Rajeff
The Current Three Popular Casting Styles

Short Head Casting & Fishing
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FLGator said:
The Sandy Clave is truly the "woodstock" of spey casting events. Lots and lots of information and fun. Highly recommended!
Being one of the two (other was Bob Larsell) that started this 'brain child' do come!! You won't be disapointed. ALL of the rods/reels/lines/etc., are there for you to try either on the large grass field or right below on the river. All the presenters are there (normally) for the full two days. Actually most get there on Friday night ... where one and all try to "defend the groups single malt supply from the Scotch drinking fuzzy tailed critters."

It's a Mono un Mono with these critters; they'll drink a half bottle if you turn your back on them for a moment ... so bring a bottle of Malt Whisky for the table. ptyd Well, actually bring two ... the party continues again on Saturday evening.

If memory serves, this is the 5th gathering of the 'Clave Clan' at Oxbow Park and is one of the most emulated events in fishing across the country. They've even done a couple now in the UK ... which is interesting given this is where the entire 'Spey Thing' started a couple hundred years ago.:ray1:

Last year, between Saturday and Sunday there were something like 1200 people over the two days. And where else (save for Aaron's in Carnation?) can you walk up, take a $2,000 spey rod (plus reel and line) off a rack and go play?

One of the highlights of this is two of the PNW's best rod designers/builders (Bob Meiser and Gary Anderson) should have their new equipment for you to test drive. That alone is worth the trip!!:cool:

Sak has put up the web connect for Flyfish USA who host the even .. and they even feed you a hell of a good lunch!!



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Got a 'grand total' of three blocks ...

on my way to Portland yesterday AM before I met a 'nice man' who ran a stop sign. :rofl: Won't know until early next week if the insurance company will be totalling my Jeep Liberty or repairing same.:mad:
Well, I know for sure they totaled the other fellows Gimmie SUV. Won't know until late Monday/Tuesday what they're going to do with mine.:beathead: