Tides in the Narrows


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Incoming / outgoing?

Ginger / MaryAnne?

Britney / Christina?

It has always been a dead zone for me on an incoming, but a steady producer on an outgoing. Some swear the opposite. Any thoughts or feedback.

Definately Christina for this homie. :p

:thumb: with you on outgoing is the best! Fishing adjacent to kelp bed habitat comes into play. Plus the current seems to set up nicer in more places.

:thumb: with you again on Christina. Ginger vs. Mary Anne:confused:

I think its a south sound phenomena, at least as to the Britney / Christina thing. Something to do with viagra discharge in the water supply. :rolleyes:

Seems like I've gotten into my bigger fish on an incoming tide, though better numbers maybe on an outgoing. Either way, always seems to be the first and last 2 hours of a tide swing that gets 'em moving along Sno Co beaches.

Obtw, MaryAnne.


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The Narrows fishes differently on the flood and ebb in certain sections and, most obviously on the different sides. For instance, I like hard moving water when fishing my popper, so I fish the outgoing tide on the west or "Gig Harbor" side. The current on a 7'+ change will run at my feet in most places and with a five foot change in others (I'm in hog heaven with a 12 foot change). Incoming tides bounce off Pt. Evans and run along the east or "Tacoma" side. Since there is a lot of beach on the western shore, I tend to fish that side more often and hence the outgoing tides. That being said, incoming tides in the winter form many more back eddies on the same western shore which is perfect for trapping euphasids and stuff for the feeding rat packs of resident silvers. My advice would be: If the water isn't moving fast enough for you where you're standing or it's moving too fast and you prefer slower water, take a walk and you'll soon find your water.

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