help: need coho advice


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relatively new to state. curious about coho. what are the top 3 rivers? when's the run? thanks in advance,

--paul s.

Rob Blomquist

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Welcome to the PNW.

The coho run is currently on, and the fish are beginning to enter the rivers as we converse. Well, I can't say about "top 3" but if you are in the Seattle area, the Snohomish, the Stilliguamish, and the Skagit are all good shots. I have heard that the lower Stilly is quite hot right now. Don't go after fish too high up in the river, they will be tough to catch, fight like an old boot, and you will be bothering fish close to spawning.

The other place to fish for them is on the beaches. Out here, the fish are still actively feeding, and C&R is much less of an impact with them. Picnic Point, Kayak Point, Lincoln Park, West Point and Alki Point are all good places to fish. Remember to check your regs, and all saltwater fishing for salmon is with barbless hooks.

Most shops in the Seattle area can advise on what patterns work in the various locals. Oh, and use something like a 6-8 wt rod for salmon.

Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
To show that WDFW cares about endangered species?

I would bet it is to minimize damage to wild coho, chinook, steelhead and cutthroat. Why there isn't one for freshwater is beyond me.



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The Quilcene river is good right now but there are lots of
people on the weekend.Try it during the week about a
mile or two below the 101 hwy bridge with big orange
marabou streamer with at least 10 pound test leader and dead drift your fly through the thousands of fish and when your fly line stops set the do not need a sink
tip line just a split shot.The quilcene river is a couple miles
south of the hoodcanal floating can park just
before you cross the river at the salmon hatchery.the farther down the river you hike the less people and the spunkier the silvers wich range from 3 to 8 poundS.


if there wasnt a barbless law the mortality rate would be horrible for the baby fish. go trolling out in the salt or cast a buzzbomb then youll know why there is a barbless hook rule.