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Just Another Bubba
My buddy my dog and I went in search of clean waters mid week and ened up camping at the Metolius. We returned via the Yakima river and chuckled at the numbers of folks getting blown around the muddy irrigation ditch. Tough time of year to be sure.

We found the Metolius to be as dramatic an environment as ever but the although the hatches were strong the fish were still waiting for the official tourist season to start in a couple weeks and were just not too eager to play. We wanted to get in some dry fly fishing as well as up our catch rates (I caught one fish on the Met on Thur) so we headed out to explore the often mentioned Mid D.

All day Friday and a few hours on saturday we fished a couple spots and found much of it too our liking and some not so much. Finding a spot on saturday that seemed lacking in fish but not evidence of regulation violations was the low point. Actually taking the barbed treble hook of a Rapula out of my dog's hide was the low point (he picked it up from the brush). But Friday's excursion into a tight canyon area with the company of salmon flies was certainly the fishing high point. Yet even more-so than usual the deepest joy came from sharing a fire with a buddy you never stop learning about and from...and of course the dog.

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Didn't get a picture of the respectable fish, but did get a respectable picture of an average one

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Trout meets Dog
Paul- Great report and pics. One of these days I hope to venture down there. Sounds like you had some decent fishing and got in some good exploration...I'd rather be fishing nonetheless. Thanks for the report!!