cell phones and salt water. DOH!


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So this AM I am wading to put the boat on the trailer and I feel something heavy in my shorts pockets - well underwater. It was my Samsung cell phone.

I dried it and it is starting back up. I have an friend who put his through the waser and it still finctions fine. Has anyone done similar? Was a fresh water wash involved?



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If it breaks, before you take it back look to see if the battery has a little test strip to see if it got dunked. It turned red on my previous phone. My phone went through the washer.
Had the same thing happen on the yak and also in a boat in the salt. I took the battery off of mine and let it sit for three days without touching it. This is the advice i got from my ex who used to sell the phones. If you re-attach the battery to soon it will cause it to corrode.



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I have to admit I must be a bigger klutz than most. I have dunked my phone in freshwater - didn't know the pull the battery trick and the phone was fried. A year later dropped its repalcement in the salt while loading the boat (finally learned not to keep the phone in an open shirt pocket). Immediately pulled the battery and after drying the phone worked for a while but eventually the salt got it. Final just last week after returning from eastern Washington found a tick on my neck - stripped of my clothes and threw them in a bag and showered and check for any other critters. Wife decided to help and wash the clothes - phone in the pocket. Rushed to the washing machine and immediately pull the battery and let the phone dry out. Must have been some water in the screen - even though the battery seemed to work fine and had the normal sounds etc the screen was virtually unreadable. Fortunately the wife had also taken out insurance on the phone so after a delay of week and an evening re-programing lost phone numbers I'm back into the electronic age of communication.

Kid lost his phone in the snow/rain for several days in December and after drying it is still working fine.

It appears to me that saving the phone after a dunking is a little bit of a crap shoot taking the battery and allowing the whole thing to dry is certainly worth a shot. Hopefully I'll be smarter in the future and not have to test saving it again.

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mine fell out of my pocket walking back from a neighbors x-mas party the year before last. did not know it at the time, just later realized i had no idea where my phone was. about a week's worth of rain later, i found it. did the ..dry the battery..thing and a year and a half later, it still works like a champ. during that week, i bought a new phone(at full price:mad: ) which i later returned(no insurance). i told them my story and they told me not to bother with the insurance on this phone, because they would not cover anything now that the test strip has turned color.