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Below is a list of fly fishing manners borrowed from and I believe written by Deanna Birkholm. Are there more that should be added to the list? Are there some ethics that could be added regarding the fish themselves? Such as targeting smolt or fishing when water conditions are not favorable to the fish i.e. warm temps, low water conditions etc.

1. A section of water belongs to the first person fishing it. It is inconsiderate to crowd an angler who was there first.
2. A slow moving or stationary angler has the right to remain where he/she is. If you are moving, leave the water and quietly walk around the angler in position in the water.
3. If an angler is resting the water, (Allowing the water to calm down after some form of disturbance. Generally, after a fish has been caught, the act of the fight scares the rest of the fish and makes them hesitant to hit on a fly, so you Rest the Water until it is fishable again.) or planning his/her next move, it is his/her water. Don't jump in without permission.
4. A person working upstream has the right of way over someone fishing downstream.
5. Always yield to an angler with a fish on the line.
6. Do not enter the water directly in front of someone already in the water.
7. Always recognize property rights. Leave all gates as you found them.
8. Do not litter. If you brought it in, take it out. Leave the area cleaner than you found it.
9. Try not to make tracks whenever possible.
10. Wade only when necessary. The aquatic food chain is fragile.
11. Obey all state and local fishing laws and rules.

Nice....I'd add
12. Don't smoke downwind of anyone - ruins my day. If you are going to light up, step out and take a break on the bank.
13. Enter the water silently

I'd add,

14. :TSKTSK Don't drink Schmidt Ice Light

15. No farting unless you have waders on

16. No show-off casting (Distance cating 'cause someone is watching

17. No camping out at the boat launch..In other words, back in...turn the crank and lower your boat...pull the boat upstream....drop anchor...get back in your rig and park it. This of course only applies if you are at a busy boat launch like Ringer.

18. Don't talk to Evening Hatch Guides (just kidding) :TONGUE

I would add, "Anglers fishing from a boat/raft should always give as much room as possible to wading anglers."

Also, I'm not sure I agree with rule #4. I usually work a river upstream (unless I'm fishing streamers), so I shouldn't complain, but if I were working downstream and met up with a angler working upstream, I don't think I would jump off the river for him. I guess I'd stop going down stream, but I believe I'd at least hold my ground if I were in a good hole. I guess if both anglers plan to continue their path, someone's got to give way. Maybe someone can explain why it should be the downstream guy who flinches first.

Finally, we should also add, "Gear fishermen should always stay the heck away (at least 1 mile) from fly fishermen."


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If I come by other anglers on a stream, I leave the run above and below them alone, NO MATTER how fishy it looks, or how many fish are rising, can that be added? And add: NO WHITE or BRIGHT hats or shirts around other anglers, If you come by beer in the water (keeping cool) leave it, if it is still there on your way back, help yourself to 1, and only ONE! And Never smoke a joint given to you by a bait chucker, unless you want to be sick for 2 days!


Sorry but if I see beer in the river I borrow one. Unless it is in cans and labeled with animals or "ice-light"

Who you callin bait chuker????


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Sorry! Was that you that gave me that "J" this spring on the Bighorn? It made me sick as a dog! Or.......could have been the 24 pack of Keystone I drank that day only to chase it with a beef stick! But I call anybody putting corn on a salmon egg hook a "Bait Chucker"! :COOK :AA

17. No camping out at the boat launch..In other words, back in...turn the crank and lower your boat...pull the boat upstream....drop anchor...get back in your rig and park it. This of course only applies if you are at a busy boat launch like Ringer.

Troutman, we should bold this one. It drives me absolutely crazy to watch a group of guys rig up rods while others wait. Bighorn, Ringer and the take out at the Slab. Figure it out people it's not that tough. If these people don't realize what is around them at a launch; do you think they appreciate the beauty of the canyon?

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I mostly agree with Bright Rivers... #4 is a little out there. I've actually ranted about this before when someone had posted these rules. I agree that these are etiquette not ethics. Baitchuckers don't have to stay a mile away, but they should be aware of which way a fisherman (any gear) is moving before they got there and how much line is being cast.
I would also agree with the boat anglers yielding to land anglers, especially jets. If there is someone out there that almost received a 2/0 in the ear I'm very sorry, but I took major exception to you almost running over my dog (another faux paux unless it will heal and stay) and me a few years back on the upper end of Cracker Bar.
That should be another rule. No matter how stupid the infraction, flyfisherman should not retaliate. I lost it that day and it probably ruined my day more than his. Although, it did sound like he did major damage to his intake. Too bad.
Anyway, there's always more water to fish with less people if you just shake your head and move away. I'm used to this since I fish the Sky a fair amount. And yes, flyfisherman have made my "shouldn't have done that" list as well.
Life's too short to sweat the small stuff.

I pack a long rod, and I'm not afraid to use it!

I think we should stick to behavior, rather than they type of fishing a person chooses to employ. There's nothing inherently wrong with a fisherman that is not flinging flies. :TSKTSK


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I agree, ANY type of fishing is fishing! Chuck bait, chuck flies, it JUST so happens that this particular case involved the first! I have been called "Fur tosser" "Fly thrower" "Idiot with a goofy rod" et al et ux!I am normally so drunk by then, a witty comeback does not hit me until weeks later! Sort of like calling your buddy a dork! Ya love him, he may not be a dork, but it rolls off the tongue so well! So please, this fly chucker means no harm to those that chuck bait, or wood chucks that chuck wood for that matter! As I say in BOLD letters on my site, "Treat other Anglers as you would want to be treated"! Now, do I have any beer?

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