Alagnak River Fly Fishing Float Trip

Five of us from Boeing are floating and fly fishing the Alagnak River out of King Salmon, AK, from June 17-25. We have two 16 ft cat rafts, and need one more person to join us. Approximate cost is $1000 plus airfare into and back from King Salmon and your home town. If interested, please contact Dick Lange immediately at 425 481-3063
hey Richard/Dick,

That sounds awesome and I wish I could join you. My buddies and I have looked into doing something like that and I was wondering if you can email me your cost break down and the contact information of who you booked the trip through for I would love to do that in August if possible.

Have a great trip and keep and eye out for da bears!




Doesn't care how you fish Moderator
Great time to be up there! I will be there on the 28th. Last year, I caught my biggest rainbow of the summer on June 25th on the lower Alagnak.
I did a trip on the Alagnak two years ago with Alaskan Rainbow adventures we started out of Kukaklek and spent a week on the river. Best experience, I paid much, much more than $1000 wish I had the time I would jump on that.
bawling: Damn,
I will be there the following week, but my fly out trip is on the Nushagak. Please post your results when you get back. Maybe next year we could hook up.

PS: What division of Boeing are you guys in? Our company is a prime supplier and we could really chat it up.



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Sounds awesome! Unfortunately, I head for family vacation on the 24th. Timing is off or I'd be on the phone with you right now.

Steve A
Saw this on the internal classified ads today and I figured that if someone was put off by the flight cost, here was a potentially cheaper option

Alaska Airlines Round Trip Ticket $300: One Alaska Airlines Round Trip Ticket (direct flight) to any destination that Alaska Air flies to including Alaska, and Mexico. Travel must be completed by July 27th 2006. Email for more detail.