Sequim Bay.

I'll be going to sequim bay in a few weeks and was planning of fishing for surf perch along the shoreline. This will be my first time saltwater fishing, and i was wondering if i could get some advice for fishing for surf perch, and for just saltwater shore fishing in general, ... Also, is it possible to fish for surf perch without wading?




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As to perch, I can't help you, but cleaning your gear after fishing the salt is relatively painless. Just rinse everything thoroughly with fresh water and let it dry. I hose down my rod , wipe it dry and put it away. My reels go into a bucket of fresh water for half-an-hour (usually with the spool and frame separated), are shaken dry and then allowed to thoroughly air dry. Make sure that the spindle and other moving parts are well-lubricated and you should have no problems.


I've got a tibor reel that I used to remove the spool from the frame while I soaked it like Preston mentioned, after about a year of doing this I had some minor problems with the drag. I sent it back to tibor and they instructed me not to remove the spool and frame, just to give it a quick rinse, and that is it. The moral of the story is check w/the manufacturer of your reel to see how best to rinse/care for it after exposure to salt.
look for rips or depressions in the beach,spots where waves arent breaking or much smaller.these areas hold fish and food with less should fish the area like a river,cast step,cast,step.cover the area and move on.if you dony hook fish,there probably not there.where beach meets headland can also be good spots plus sometimes you can walk the rocks out to the edge of the surf line.a teeny 300 is a great line for perch,it cuts the wind and gets you down.the best fly ive tried has been a yellow/gold/red crazy charlie.yellow tail,gold diamond braid body,dumbell eyes,red wing-wing and tail are marabou.dont know if john shewey,bill dugger,or bill"shifty"shiftman invented this fly,but the lincoln city crew from B&B's hackle&tackle taught me everything i know about perch fishing and we had some great trips on the jetty as well.if any of you guys are out there,i would love to hear from you and go throw a line.remember the gummy worm fly?
hope you have a good trip.
dont forget your wading belt and rain coat,even if its sunny!

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I've never caught any pearch in Sequim Bay but I imagine that the small shrimp like flies work great for them there. However, I have hooked a couple SRCs in the bay before so bring fies for cutts too.