Anybody want to go to Canada tomorrow?

The subject says it all. Im heading up to the Vedder for the day tomorrow. The fishing has been incredable, and for all you that have had a few slow days, this is the place to make you feel like a fisherman again. For anyone that has never fished the Vedder, it is about the size of the Sultan. And there are thousands of fish, everywhere. The river is teaming with chums, silvers and there are still some hog kings to be caught. I promise you will catch fish!! Its only 50 miles from Bellingham, so whos with me??


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From what I've heard, the vedder is a combat zone with lots of snagging going on. But, I'm thinking of heading up there for some mid week action in the next week or two. I have a lot of time off over the next two months and plan to spend much of that time fishing. How long will the silvers be in?

Anyone want to plan a mid week trip with me sometime in early to mid Nov??

I also plan to chase some chummies around Hood Canal, the Green, Stilly, Sky, etc. Let me know if you have any mid week days free.
I've been fishing it for the last three weeks, and there is some snagging going on, but with the number if fish, its hard not to foul hook a few. As for the crowding, there are areas packed with people, but those are usually in the Chinook slots, and the chums are down below all by themselves. I fished on sunday all by myself in some areas, so its not all that bad. I would be interested in a mid week trip, just let me know, I live in Bellingham, so its no problem.


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Cool. How is the border crossing? I usually take the truck crossing, but I haven't tried since 9/11... I've heard you need more than one form of ID? Is that still the case??
Every time I've gone all I've had is my drivers licence and social security card, I've had no problem at all. In fact I've had more problems getting in to canada than coming back home.
The Sumas crossing is a better crossing to take. Probablly wil be fewer cars crossing there as well. This is the closest crossing to the Vedder.
I went ,I saw,I conquered.We had a blast,made the trip from Ellensburg to get to the border at 7am to hit the tackle shop to get canadian license when they opened.Unfortunatley we met the Canadian border guard from hell,we had 3 people all with passports and me,A hick from eastern wa whos never seen his birth certificate in his life.So anyways this Canadian hitler tells us we have to wait til 8 oclock for immigration to get there.Well at 8 we go back thru the border and the NEW guard just says "have a nice day eh"We get our licenses and get to the river at about 9 am,Hike the 1/4 mile to the crossing and start fishing.within 5 minutes we had all caught a chum around 25 lbs and this continued throut the whole day.I would suggest this trip to anyone who has never caught a BIG fish on a flyrod,in total we prolly caught 25 fish each each day we were there.It will be better when they get some rain to move the fish upstream as most are still waiting in the Frasier(supposed to rain early next week)
You should have seen the one that got away!!! The king run is tapering off, but the chums and silvers are in great shape. It is worth the drive, to cross the border

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Where's the best place to cross and what's the price of a license. I need to know these things in advance.

-Rxfisher - Im game to fish it whenever. I live in Bellingham, so the trip isn't a problem.

I fished today and yesterday and proceded to catch the biggest fish I have ever caught on a fly, over and over and over again. Today I landed a huge king, similar to yours, I will post a picture when I get it scanned. I love that river...
Now does anyone want to go?
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