Anybody want to go to Canada tomorrow?

being politically correct sucks

i believe that i am slobbering uncontrollably. i just got my licsense and i my parents would not let me drive myself. :ANGRY they think i that i couldnt handle it as i have limited experience :pROFESSOR . if anyone could put up with a 16yr old skinny ass kid, shout me a holla dog. maybe i can talk my dad into road dreaming.
Best place to cross is Sumas,I bought a 8 day license and I think it was around $56 Canadian.We got our licenses at Freds tackle in the town of Chilliwack I think.This place is unbelievable,even Ol Man will catch fish here ,and big fish.They have a great place to eat called The Jolly Miller,for $6 canadian ya get a steak,spud and salad on fridays and saturdays.although a pitcher of beer is $14.25 very good scenery inside the tavern also.We were told by a biologist that there was only 15% of the run in the river till they get some rain,which it is prolly doing now.Im seriously thinking of going back next weekend.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
What do I know---I'm just an old man

What is this an insult. I catch fish it's just that lately my luck sucks. Today I had all the bad luck that I ever want.

What I want to know but can't get a answer is the cost of a license. Do you have to get it for one or many days? :DUNNO

notice: "Salmon stamps are required for retention"

so if you dont need to keep any chums, its only 15 canadian a day, not that bad for how good the fishing is.
Hey Crump;
I'm game for next Sunday. I live in Sedro-Woolley so I can meet you in Bellingham and we can head up. I have a full size crew cab truck so I have plenty of room if anyone else wants to join us for a day of battling BIG, BIG, fish. Give me a call (360) 854-9036 and we can work out the details. Steve
Hey Crump;
I'm having computer probs. I'm game for next Sunday. I live in Sedro-Woolley so I could meet you in Bellingham and we could head up. I have a full size crew cab so there is plenty of room. Give me a call at (360) 854-9036 and we can work out the details. Steve
I wish to second Crumps high rating of the Vedder. I have flyfished it 3 times in the last 3 weeks and hooked kings, chums and silvers on every trip. If you are frustrated with the lock-jawed river silvers around here, the coho in the Vedder will take small streamer patterns on the swing with a vengenous. Got my largest king ever last Sat swinging a size 8 streamer. It's been fairly crowded on the weekends, but the gear/bait guys tend to crowd into the deep chinook slots, but that leaves plenty of good flywater. I haven't had any probs at the border and have only had a wash drivers license. Head north if you get the chance, I'll be up there again. Crump, When are you heading up again, maybe we can work out a day. Steve