Largest fish you've caught off the beach


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The boat -vs- beach method thread got me thinking. Since I'm power boatless, I do all my Puget Sound fishing off the beaches. What is the largest salmon or searun folks have caught while fishing off Puget Sound beaches?
My personal best is a 15-16 lb king, a 10 lb silver and a 19" searun. The salmon were caught in MA 9 and the searun in MA 13. The king was a great battle on a six weight.

I've seen folks land some very large kings and silvers using gear. In the late 80's, I witness a guy catch a 35 lb king off the beach at Pt Defiance. Last year a guy fishing next to me tossing a spinner with a hoochie skirt on it caught a 16 lb silver.

Just a little over a month till Area 9 opens. Time to start tying.
I know folks have caught some hogs while fly fishing off the beaches. Lets hear your Puget Sound beach king, silver and searun success stories.
Since I enjoy a nice nap in the logs while I wait for the water to get that "just right" look I prefer to fish the salt beaches. My biggest fly caught fish from the beaches are:
King: 28 lbs
Silver: 17 lbs
Cutt: 21"

On float & herring my best king is 32 lbs.

Area 9 is where I've caught my big ones.

Like Stonefish I'm spending some time at the bench tieing some new stuff.
I would prefer to measure my success in quantity rather than quality, so with that being said...
My best beach trip last fall with 2 hours of casting in the pouring rain coupled with howling wind.
I must have caught at least 15 fish in that short amount of time. Most were descent size searuns, and several nice resident coho as well.
I returned the next day to the same spot and did not even get a strike in a couple hours of casting!
The moral of my story is that it is better to catch many fish quickly than one large one in the same amount of time spent fishing.

My largest fish caught on that day struck a Clauser, and immediately pulled all my line out as it swam deep & fast. Pretty much like hooking a chevy!
Probably a Chinook, but I will never know as it abrupty snapped my line when I hit the end of the spool.
Saltwater fly fishing is the ultimate challenge, and you just have to put in your time to get the pay-off.:cool: