Roosterfish Pictures

I have done it and they are absolutely awesome fish. we fished around the offshore boats after they came in from billfishing. the roosters learned to come in close to the areas where the offshore boats were moored to eat the half-dead bait fish that were returned to the ocean from those boats. we didn't catch any big ones...5-10lb'ers but they were a handful on 9wt rods. highly recommend anyone going down there try it.


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I've had the same experiences you have, only catching smaller Roosters, which is still alot of fun. Most of those were caught fishing off Medano beach.
I did have a huge Rooster come out of nowhere to grab a Pompano right next to the boat as I was getting to land it. That was a rush. Poor Pompano got his lips ripped off. That happened right in front of the Solmar.


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had some great ones in CR. check the images under my handle to see one with my wife. we had a couple that were pushing 40#. i have to say that these fishes are probably pound for pound the most aggressive, toughest to deal with of anything i have hooked anywhere on a fly rod. the trevally i have actually gotten to hand also proved their worth as game fishes.

go do it if you can, you won't be sorry to have fished for these guys.

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OK, so I'm trying to find a fairly high-res picture of more rooster than person that I can use for my desktop wallpaper, so... Does anybody out there have a pic that fits that description?