Eastside report

Paul Huffman

Driven by irrational exuberance.
How did you guys do on the Yakima? I couldn't catch a cold on the Naches this weekend. Maybe it was too sunny and cold both days to really get the hatches going. Saturday was sunny all day. I saw nothing rise. I noticed a few BWOs around and some mahoganies around, but I also noticed I had no mahoganies left in my box. I noticed #14 or #12 sized shucks along the stream edge, so it looks like the mahoganies around here like to crawl out on the bank to hatch. No October caddis seen though. I tried some trick nymphs but got nothing.

I tied up some mahoganies Saturday night and tired it again midday Sunday. Seems like if these mahoganies crawl to the bank to emerge, maybe sparkle dun imitations don't make as much sense as comparaduns. Spectacularly better luck- I saw two fish rise to naturals, and had a rejection. I tied on 2 lb. flouro (down from 5X flouro) after the rejection and had a hookup but broke him right off. They showed no interest in the orange stimulator, the BWO cripples, the little PTs, the olive sparkle duns, the skulpin, the buggers, but I did get a bump on a wiggle bug. A few natural BWOs and mahoganies and a tiny pale mayfly spun unmolested in an eddy, too groggy from the cold to get airborne, but seemed in no danger of getting picked off by a cruising trout. All the fish were on that Slimfast plan. I should have gone steelheading, I'd catch more fish.


AKA: Gregory Mine
From where I was, the Yakima was not a good show... There was amazing BWO hatches, but no one to welcome them from underneath. I did get a fair amount of fish, but nowhere near what I was hoping for. Maybe it was the fisherman, not the fish. Did almost get charged by a two point deer as I spooked him. I really thought he was going to come at me with the looks he gave me as I was inbetween him and about 4 of his lady friends. The weather to me was perfect, but someone forgot to let the fishies know. Three days of the same result. My turn to smell a bit "skunkish" I guess. Still though, beats three days of work, and hanging around the house. And there is always next week.

Be there next Saturday, Chevy Tahoe, somewhere around mile marker 18